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  1. Just curious… Why didn’t they first sand blast and clean the entire chassis before welding in all the patches?

  2. Wow…. Now that’s a restoration. . Thanks for sharing

  3. What a stunning job. Most sane people would’ve looked at the amount of work involved and written the car off. Thanks goodness for a bit of insanity!. 

  4. Was this a Porsche Centre Leicester car?

  5. 700hrs is crazy at around $60/hr? So that’s $42k in just body restoration costs alone! I guess it is a good thing the prices on these classic Porsches has finally started to rise 🙂

    It seems like red was the original color, why change it? Decreases value even if you do it "right"

  6. oh God… another beauty with steering wheel on the wrong side…

  7. You are good men for saving such a beauty. Thumbs up!

  8. As an ex race/rally car builder. I have seen my share of rubbish bodyshells come in to be "converted" into some form of competition vehicle, but to be honest this vehicle as shown in this video is so full of rust that despite all the "PATCHING" that was done to it, it will never represent a vehicle that I would even consider driving on the road, much less in competition. These sorts of "PATcH" operations may just get a road car suitable to pass it’s annual MOT., although they should not do so, but when you are looking at any type of performance vehicle like a Porsche with ROT like that, in all of those endless little patches to remove bits and bobs of rust in it’s structure bearing areas is just not going to provide anything like the original strength , much less to support a high performance car. The people doing this need to be taken out of business as they are, at least IMHO, just as bad as the "cut and shut" merchants that sell welded cars made up from 2 or more other vehicles. THEY WILL NEVER EVER BE SAFE.

    Welding in patches like those endless little patches made to cover endless small rust areas only as shown in this video are a recipe for total DISASTER, and potential DEATH for the occupants of that vehicle.

    This video should carry a healt warning to anyone considering any form of older vehicle rebuild that THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO CARRY IT OUT. – PERIOD

  9. Beautiful workmanship.. absolutely beautiful

  10. Nice….brilliant job!!!!

  11. Wow you all are true artists in metal works, welding and painting.
    Brillant work!!!!

  12. That’s an awsome job you’ve done, but for me this 911 is destroyed. How dare you paint the engine bay with wool paint?! You should have used it up to the frame rails level at maximum!

  13. brilliant job… would have cost a small fortune, but worth every cent! 

  14. Awesome!!!

  15. Truly inspiring! Thank you for bringing the camera during the sculptural process.

  16. Great job but what an awful chavvy colour choice! Yuck. 

  17. very nice!

  18. great job but y’all do realize each and every spot weld is a potential future problem
    this guy must have loved this car because the labor price alone would be astronomical

  19. nice job

  20. The car looks awesome! There is no doubt that you guys know what you’re doing! It gives me inspiration to get my 914 finished. It’s been at the body shop for a year and I’m ready to move forward. I assume you guys are Brits or Aussie judging from the right hand drive car and amount of rust repaired. I wish we Americans would understand that when you have an old car that’s fairly rusty it can be repaired properly. We don’t have to throw it away. I’m 50plus years old and I was a technician for years but I somehow never needed to weld so I never learned how. Let me tell you, I’m teaching myself how to do it now and boy is it ugly! Much respect for you guys who do it and do it as well as you do!

  21. Super fantastic..freaking unbelievable…great work

  22. I commend the crew on outstanding workmanship an the fact that there are as many photos as was rust repair on this restoration. That’s dedication.

  23. Hey,
    Could you please give me an email address or something, so i can contact you? I got a 1968 porche 911t and the chassis frame rusted beyond repair. I need to order one to be custom built and i need the exact dimensions for it. I could really use your help. Please take 5 minutes out of your time and reply back to my comment. You would be doing me a huge favour.


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