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  1. yes they are 5 speed

  2. 3.0 with a 5 speed…?

  3. NO DISLIKES!! Am I in a parallel universe?

  4. the 3.0 litre turbo was 4 speed

  5. I felt like I was in the passenger…

  6. great driver

  7. Work like a spartan… drive like a spartan!!! Wauw. Can i join for a ride?!

  8. A true connection between car and driver, 
    Excellent sensibility  – Intuition – amazing Porsche
    Please add more
    Keep on safe extreme car dancing!

  9. Que demais!!!

  10. Nice driving! And that baby Porsche seems to be in good shape, too. Congrats!

  11. Awesome driving skills.

  12. DAYUM ….I enjoyed watching that,how much more fun was driving that Porsche …you put that baby right at the limit and kept it cool …..nice driving homey..

  13. kickass driving

  14. WOW awesome drive, i was really getting the feeling i was driving that car haha ( I WISH!! ) chickenskin ,Respect!!! 

  15. Almost thought it wasn’t 911 til 3:06
    yep it’s 911, classic

  16. very, very good driving… i have a similar car & most certainly would not be able to pull that off..

  17. cool driver. knows how to handle the car.

  18. great car, great track, great driving!

  19. sick car. awesome driving.. look like pro and lots of ring laps

  20. Bravo!

  21. sacré coup de volant! le pilote a l’habitude de dompter cette bête!

  22. Fantastic driving, good job drive 👍🏻👍🏻

  23. This driver knows how the handle the real stuff. Excellent.

  24. That’s the best "real" Nurburgring drive in an old classic that I’ve seen – a real sense of speed, drama, understeer/oversteer all in a tricky car to master.   Well done.   I thoroughly enjoyed the drive.

  25. Great driving!

  26. You do not more than 200 hp to have fun. Atleast not in a porsche!

  27. Damn, he knows this card so good.

  28. Impressed by the car the sound and the driving. He makes it look easy!!

  29. The Driver definitely has some serious skills.

  30. Solid drive in my fave classic! I no longer deserve to own one!! respect bro!

  31. But this is a turbo, right? Forgot: Awesome driving man!!!!!

  32. For me this 911 is the most iconic one. Great lap.

  33. gr8 amateurizm –..–

  34. What’s done suspension wise?

  35. Excellent drive! And yes, the passenger pooped his pants, the moment it happened he put up his finger.

  36. Alot of understeer, nice driven!!

  37. he is crazy, drive like this without helmet 🙂

  38. I love how the passage hold the door handle so tight,

  39. real man driving

  40. He even has a matching mullet!

  41. what a treat

  42. His passenger could holder the door handle any tighter ,Great driving,

  43. whole video i was looking forward to watching the long straight part…

  44. Annoying rattling and annoying haircut but excellent car control.

  45. Nive vid… Well done m8

  46. awesome driving!

  47. insane

  48. 6 viewers were so excited that their hands were shaking, and when they tried to click the ‘like’ button they accidentally clicked the ‘dislike’ button.

  49. Great vis… Anybody know how is driving?

  50. Good driver

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