Porsche 911 991 Carrera 4S Autobahn 293kmh (182mph)

On mild icy road conditions on Autobahn driving a 911 991 Porsche Carrera 4S
This car is capable of higher speeds in the hands of more experienced drivers. I don’t do this car the justice. I had a crash scare last year in 997 turbo s on autobahn when a driver changed in to fast lane i was doing about 275 kmh, since then am more nervous, cautious whatever you call it. You can see that happen at 2:18
You just hope all drivers keep in their minds they’re on no limit zone they should check fast lane before a maneuver.
Also, I apologise from viewers I got carried away in residential area, I’ve never done it prior to this and never will i ever. Another apology for the shaky camera.

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  1. Wtf country is this? People are literally giving you the lane

  2. super fun…

  3. crazy fool..

  4. Hi! Do you know the name of this edition? it is between the 4S and the turbo!

  5. It looks very dangerous,and it is,especially the curves.

  6. I would’ve driven the same way. Too many chances with other people on the road

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  8. a hero!

  9. Dude was going so fast his steering wheel was shape shifting

  10. Sound😱👌

  11. Ist das die Autobahn München Richtung Stuttgart?

  12. I own a 993 and YOUR exhaust note is… wow!

  13. beautiful.

  14. i love porsche

  15. Ha, Read your comment at the end about the residential area so I wont go there lol. I do have a question. Any regrets going from a 997 Turbo to a 991 S? I am in the market, Buying within the next two months ..and can’t decide which car to get … Also is that the Factory Sport Exhaust? Sounds great!

  16. It`s 294km/hr.

  17. Für nen Turbo hat´s dann doch nicht gereicht, wat?

  18. nice car!!

  19. My latest video : Porsche Carrera 4 GTS 911 991 German Autobahn 296 kmh (183 mph) (Wet Road) HD

  20. Very nice. What a beautiful car.

  21. I think there is an after-market product that might interest you or your family. It’s a set of attachable handles that convert the remains of the car (with you) into a very practical coffin, or cremation urn should conflagration follow catastrophe. They are available in a variety of official Porsche colors, including "burnt" shades.

  22. maks prędkość-294km/H

  23. hats how its supposed to be everywhere people do not realize this. left lane is for "passing

  24. Here in Melbourne,
    Our Nanny State Govt built a freeway and then allowed us useful idiots the privilege of driving on it flat out at….wait for it….49 MILES PER HOUR !!! Something like this could never happen in our shithole of a State.The doo-gooders,the hand wringing moralists,the naysayers,the mediocrities would shout it down before it ever got a chance to get off the ground,besides which,our technology is too primitive and our drivers are too shit house to make it work.
    The Germans are always years ahead of whatever’s going down at the moment when it comes to advances in auto technology. Their cars,their engineering,their design,their whole approach is to constantly question the dominant paradigm,the conventional wisdom,the accepted orthodoxy.Then they flip it on its head,build it and wait for everyone to catch up 50 years later.

  25. They should put the people in prison who keep driving in the middle lane of the road when all is empty

  26. unterhaltsam – aber schneller gehts nicht oder?

  27. Cool video mate 😀 Im 17 and a Porsche fan. I really want to buy one later^^ What do you think of the new 911, the 991.2 3.0 turbocharged ?

  28. 0:22 kaputter auspuff weiter nichtsch hahahaha

  29. Ärgerlich, diese Mittelspurblockierer: Es gilt auch auf einer dreispurigen Bahn das Rechtsfahrgebot.

  30. 293 km/h auf einer solchen Autobahn – auch bei vermutlich / augenscheinlich "leichtem Verkehr" – absolut UNVERANTWORTLICH! Geh auf eine Rennstrecke, wenn du sowas brauchst und gefährde nicht andere Verkehrsteilnehmer! Wer solch eine Karre fährt, bezahlt das locker aus der Portokasse!

  31. for that kind of money i would rather buy an rs6

  32. There goes my sallary converted to fuel… 😛

  33. You’re doing that on icy roads?  You have a deathwish, dude!

  34. Those that own or have owned Porsche’s know!
    Those that have not, nor will ever, will never know.

  35. 아트다

  36. "Önüne cek, önüne" yi duyar duymaz dedim AHA! Brass balls, hocam. Respekt 😀

  37. Looks like alot of fun for sure. Lil disappointed in the Porsche 4s tho I have an audi s4 b7 and raced a Porsche 4s on a deserted highway at 110,120,130,140,150mph and still could not move on me. So I slowed n let him lead n nothin sat behind him the whole way, he couldn’t pull away which is weird causes he’s lighter and a lil more power. Good fun tho.

  38. this  dude is  getting  busy  out  there         Porsche    There is  no  Substitute    love it

  39. pourquoi retrograder en 5 eme alors que la route est libre pkoi faire pleurer le moteur je comprends pas nullissime la conduite du gars, il n’a pas du la payer la 911

  40. You must excuse drivers switching into the fast lane. Who expects a f*cking rocket from behind? 😀

  41. total ugly car

  42. that sound …

  43. One day… One day…!

  44. Top

  45. Nice 🙂

  46. sa sesleri tam duyamadim ama turkmusunuz

  47. Better s or 4s?

  48. If people cut in front of you man, game over. I would NEVER drive that fast with other cars in the next lane.

  49. I love the sound of the old 911, the new carrera turbo isn’t so bad but this one sounds better.

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