Porsche 911 – Autumn Drive

The CVI-U allows any handheld camera gimbal to be attached to a vehicle. Get car-commercial quality shots for a fraction of the budget.

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  1. Prosche/Please XD

  2. prosche

  3. The proche

  4. how do u afford all these cameras

  5. why the dislikes?

  6. what happened to Quinn?

  7. Add a nd filter on the drone camera

  8. no car sounds, we aren’t deaf

  9. awesome footage, sell it and get a car like this

  10. i don’t really even care there is less wacky planes on this channel
    cause i find this just as good if not way cooler

  11. cool

  12. Hey bud I’m a huge fan! I gotta let you know there’s someone using your videos to advertise their flashlights on instagram, thought you should know! Falcon Tactical Flashlights, if your not getting paid from them you should kick their asses!

  13. Can we have more footage of mount in-action?

  14. If you would have filmed a Jeep, at least you would have spelled it right! OlllllO Go deep in a Jeep 😉

  15. hmmm my bnetley drives better ….

  16. Dude it is awesome!!! Look at the quality, this could be even an ad for this car!!!

  17. Subbed for the scratchbuild planes..
    Now enjoy these kind of video’s quite a bit as well 🙂
    Keep them coming! 😀

  18. 0:39 oh man, the flying leaves look so good

  19. WTF, you are confused, boring & distractive now. Sorry to say, but rebrand or focus. Best wishes .

  20. Man I’m still in awe about the stability the gimbal allows for!

  21. i cant watch it 🙁

  22. It won’t let me watch the video!

  23. The scale of your R/C vehicles is growing.

  24. Cool video Daniel…

  25. Wow your turning into a pro!! Except the fact porsche is spelt wrong 😛

  26. This reminds me uncannily of the game need for speed Porsche unleashed

  27. where are the drone shots guys? 🙂

  28. cool vid, but man its called "Porsche"….

  29. Nice and smooth flow

  30. Awesome!

  31. Some Awesome angles very cinematic👍

  32. Q: What is the difference between a Porcupine and a Porsche?

    A: A Porcupine has it’s pricks on the outside….. 🙂

  33. Thought this was an add, great work!

  34. wolfmother-woman(mstrkrft rmx)

  35. Video not available

  36. AWESOME!!

  37. What canyon is that road in?

  38. Excellent work Daniel (and team). Always impressed by your ingenuity and cinematography.

  39. dude NICE. I’m going to be reviewing a Porsche Boxster soon. Nice 911. My friend has a Cayman back home too.

  40. Better than most commercials… Good job!

  41. Great shots and production. Keep up this awesome work!


    prosche sound like a detergent.

  43. That plate holder on the front looks like a toothbrush moustache.

  44. love your videos! big like

  45. btw, when are the updates for the solar plane coming?

  46. "This video is not available"

  47. Cool ass man. Cool ass.

  48. this isn’t planes 🙁 cars are boring. Very good filming though.

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