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  1. you are my hero .

  2. Helllo, how are You? I not speak englesh.
    Amei ver você fazer a transferência, gostaria de saber qual sua lesão, quanto e se você recuperou equilíbrio do tronco e movimento das mãos? thankyou

  3. creo que deberia conducir un coche meno ostentoso para hacer esoso video ya que casi todos los ricos estan en sillas por accidentes de trafico…mientras que los pobres estan en sillas por accidentes de trabajo..

  4. Very nice videos. It is possible to see more videos of transfers where you wear high heels.

  5. I have a loading system from the manufacturer Paravan, so i don´t mess up the interior of my car 🙂

  6. That was very impressive. Do you drive with hand controls? If so, is it difficult?

  7. I’ve always wondered if a rigid chair would go into a 911 (particularly a 997.1 S). Guess this answers my question!

  8. I would take the woman over the car any day lol. Pretty darn cute!

  9. Wow, you have a super strong upper body and hands.

  10. I am a c6/c7 as well. You are remarkable with your transfers! Keep pushing the limits!!

  11. great job! check out my BB special on hand control racing the nordschleife:

  12. Your so beautiful

  13. Hello there that’s impressive your transfer I still use a board. One question do you have some fingers function? Because I’m c6/7 complete and I don’t have any fingers function!.

  14. Where you buy your wheelchair ans what is the weight

  15. Consider me jealous. I’m 1.9 meters tall, and use an 18×18 inch chair – I’d be driving a 911 if I could fit in one, plus get my chair in. Unfortunately the interior ergonomics just won’t work for me – I’ve tried with a 996, and I very much doubt any of the later ones would be any better. I can’t make it work in a Panamera either – so I’m stuck with an AMG E class… I say "stuck", but, there are worse cars one could be driving!

  16. I am really impressed with your spirit, outlook, and persistence despite difficulty. You press on where most would not even think to try. You’re an inspiration, Nathalie!

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