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  1. Nice video, but next time wait ’til oil is at around 80C (second white mark) before doing 6000rpm 😀

  2. Looks like that ford focus is the car to get. Leaves Porsche’s in the rear view mirror. 🙂

  3. horsepower?

  4. Hahahahalol stupid ford focus….always a slow car in your way.

  5. Revs fairly quick,looks fuck slow tho

  6. VWNUTTs: you can’t check the oil level on such a car while you’re driving. You MUST do it while the engine is running but at idle and you MUST wait at least 20 seconds before the reading means anything… It shall ALWAYS look low while you’re driving.

  7. American junk… now that’s embarrassing.

  8. Please do more of this car!!!

  9. ford fiesta**

  10. @ 0:50 "stupid ford focus!" lol

  11. Nice video! I have a 95 carrera dash acceleration on my channel so check it out

  12. it’s a fiesta

  13. Stupid Ford Focus.

  14. Stupid ford focus xD

  15. Running good for 150K miles

  16. I have a 944 lol it’s completely rebuilt 15k and it’s a 2,500 dollar car when I bought it lol

  17. wow, this makes me really miss my red 89 911 targa. 

  18. I live in Minnesota too!  What year is your 911 3.2??

  19. Driving this car rhe way it’s supposed to be driven. I would have made this exact same video if I owned the car and would have been just as pissed at the ONE fucking car that ruined the opportunity for a badass takeoff. If I ever get my hands on one of these (mid-80s Targa is my dream), I will make this exact video.

  20. Nice video! I have a 95 porsche dash acceleration video so check it out if you can

  21. "Stupid Ford Focus"

  22. Why is it, on every video I watch of an old 911, the clock is always broken???

  23. Its not a Ford Focus, its a Ford FIESTA, hahaha!

  24. That’s it? I want my 2 minutes back.

  25. Oil level must only be checked with engine at idle… if you are revving, oil pump sucks oil from the tank to the engine, so it’s normal to see needle in the low part…

  26. driving like ass

  27. stupid ford focus

  28. love the video dude! great upload.. such an adrenaline rush it must be when you put the foot down when getting on the highway. enjoy it!

  29. What did the fiesta do? It’s just waiting to turn. Try not to be a jackass Porsche driver.

  30. I have an ’84 Cab too -sounds the same. Engine has not been rebuilt at 120k miles. Although the fuel regulators were bad and making it run rich and smelly. I also replaced fuel lines with rebuilt ones form Zinns for safety.

  31. Very fast 👍

  32. What year is that?

  33. My last 2001 2500 ram lasted 415,000 miles, only reason i got rid of it was because the original

  34. Nice vid, but the best part is you got comments from Vic Elford!! OMG!! (I just received a signed poster from him today)

  35. Why are you using your blinkers?  I drive my 911 like I own the road… uhmmm… cuz I DO.

  36. Sweet car! How do you have your camera mounted? Chest strap?

  37. Lolol Stupid Fart Ford Focus

  38. Nice shifting lol XD but its still slow, my 2010 ram would embarrass iit haha

  39. Tranny finally went, good investment for me! Now the 10′ has 90k with no problems! And not to mention beats a majority of sports cars( bmw, audi, mustangs, etc)

  40. Pussy

  41. Toooooooorque

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