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  1. Hey I ordered my emblems in Billet aluminum, whats this plastic!

  2. Nice rack on the steering wheel installer!

  3. I think it’s the Boxters line…

  4. Great video! I’m impressed with the quality controls put in place to make sure the cars represent the Porsche brand. They should allow Classical Music while they work. The place sounds like a grave yard blowing in the wind. Hee hee!

  5. What an interesting video, these cars are so well put together!

    Thank you for posting

  6. The blonde girl installing the steering wheel is HOT!!!

  7. 3:25 whatever it nam. Jak się nazywa ta dziewczyna piękna jest ile mal lat itp odezwij się

  8. Verry Easy. Best Car . 991.2 4 S

  9. Can’t believe how quiet it is.

  10. In every factory there’s no music on shop floor?

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