Porsche 911 Carrera S 2012 Test Drive & Car Review with Ross Rapoport by RoadflyTV

Vehicle: 2012 Porsche 911 Carrera S
Host: Ross Rapoport

To see additional pictures and the window sticker for the 2012 Porsche 911 Carrera S, visit: http://roadflytv.com

Fuel economy (EPA miles per gallon rating): 20 city / 27 highway MPG

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  1. He is a normal guy like you and me reviewing cars, it’s about time, not a whole bunch of ex-racer telling us how well it handles. I think he’s great, at least now I see a guy who has not driver a Porsche (except for a gt2 a decade ago) can still feel comfortable driving one. I have always thought it is scary driving a Porsche, perhaps this new one can be affordable in a few years time for me.

  2. Man , you are so annoying ..

  3. hes talking about the manual shifts on the gear selector "Retard".

  4. He didn’t say "Push Button Shifter", he said "Push on the Shift Lever" This is the gear lever rising from the floor. F1 have Paddles Shift not a Shift Lever.
    It actually makes sense to push on the gear lever to shift down, majority of manufacturers have push on gear lever to shift down which was taken from motorsport. Porsche have not done that because their cars are road cars, no one would be taking it to that extreme as motorsport.
    You just don’t understand! what paddles are push! retard!

  5. I enjoyed your review, Ross. I personally would not like to read all the negative posts from the trolls. (Except when they get in pecker contests with each other. That can be amusing.)
    Also, I appreciate the fact that you are NOT dressed in jeans and a t-shirt (like so many of the other self-proclaimed, "professional car reviewers"). 
    Good job!

  6. Nerd alert!!!

  7. great video. you just gained another new subscriber.

  8. Can you wear fitted pants next time? Maybe go to the tailor?

  9. Cool video; beautiful car

  10. Holy pants! Almost thought that was 2004.

  11. greatest day of you life? feeling sad for this auto journalist Mr.Rapport

  12. Push on the shift lever? Really? That is the worst commentary Ive ever heard. Every other journalist calls the PDK perfect and yet its this guys first criticism. Fire him.

  13. holy shit he does look like he just walked out of the gym haha

  14. Dude, hem those trousers…

  15. Push on the shift lever? Really? That is the worst commentary Ive ever heard. Every other journalist calls the PDK perfect and yet its this guys first criticism. Fire him.

  16. stopped when he said he get paid to do it, silly boy hahaha serious he shouldn’t be hired such a boring man

  17. those pants make you look ridiculous

  18. nice pants BRO

  19. Oh dear. That last sentence. What has that got to do with anything?

  20. Agreed.

  21. Very good review. Congrats! =)

  22. nice job even more little details would be good

  23. Liked that last bit alot , good to know its actually a 5 passenger car

  24. I love… your pants. 😉

  25. Chill Mexicano. We all got that he meant the shift lever in the mid-console. And what he said is totally right. I am still the one who can afford one.

  26. Sorry editor, the 996 does not hold value at all.  Its worse than a average on resale

  27. He’s talking about the "floor" mounted gear selector/shifter. Not the paddles. You are the grade-a fuck-tard who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. And he’s a small short dude…spent a few hours at the gym? You’re probably just fat and jealous.

  28. hmmm, that trunk is perfect!! for curtain things I may need it for.

  29. Ross is a boss, great review

  30. It’s NOT automated manual.

  31. where do they come up with 0-60: 3,6sec bullshit.

  32. addicting?

  33. "Lever", not "paddles", genius!

  34. The PDK 0-60 is rated at 4.1 secs and with Sport Plus it is 3.9 secs. I have seen people get the 3.6 secs the reviewer says. Not always consistent but doable. Porsche posted times are generally underrated.

  35. For me the PDK is the best transmission I have ever witnessed. Great review nonetheless!

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  37. dude…first..you’re face is annoying..second: push on  the shift lever? u are one of the most idiotic person in the whole world. best day of you’re life..dumbass

  38. I don’t like the these anymore. I live in a town where almost everyone has one haha.

  39. Push on the paddles to change gear….this guy is nuts…..

  40. If you think this is a great car, try the Turbo S. It will blow you away. When you accelerate your facial muscles pull right back on your face. It’s awesome….

  41. Wrong about the redline of the previous model. The 2009 S in my garage has a 7400 redline.

  42. The later 991.2 2016 on-wards Carrera has changed the floor mounted gear selector ("Shift Lever") to your preference of selecting a lower ratio by a forward pressure. Unfortunately, this model is not normally aspirated. 🙁

  43. LEVER not PADDLE.

    The paddles are set up the right way, but the lever isn’t.

    Porsche realized their mistake and the newer 911s like the GT3 have the lever set up the way I wanted it.

  44. why? You’re an idiot.

  45. Lol imagine riding in the front of the car like a kangaroos baby while car going full speed xD

  46. Your pants are way too long.
    Did you shrink recently.

  47. You should shorten your pants dude.

  48. Can’t stand those trying to display their cool appearance by leaning on the fender of these nice cars.

  49. I agree. I’m no fashion guy, but you should get some better pants. They are too long for you also.

  50. I cringed every time he drove over the center stripe while cresting those blind hills on public roads. I saw so many wrecks in VA because of that sort of negligent driving.

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