Porsche 911 Carrera S Review – Fifth Gear

Tiff takes a look at Porsche’s ‘fuel-efficient’ overhaul of the 911 and gives the Carrera S a test drive to see if still has the same appeal as its much loved predecessor. For more fantastic car reviews, shoot-outs and all your favourite Fifth Gear moments, subscribe to our Official Channel – https://www.youtube.com/user/fifthgearuk

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  1. you are back 😀

  2. Where do you live, here in America there are a sh!t ton of losers that can’t drive manuals. In fact there are regularly stories of sad car thieves that were not able to steal a car because it was manual.

  3. Well I’d get C4S over this.It’s only my personal choice though.

  4. real men never define what real men do 😉

  5. Things that go vroom…

  6. Thank you for uploading content again!

  7. What is the music in 1:32?

  8. Richard Hammond didn’t like the new steering. 🙁

  9. not really a review

  10. Just want to lick it and go home in it ha!

  11. Cool

  12. electronic power steering shouldn’t and doesn’t feel disconnected.. in fact it’s way more connected than hydraulic… it’s pretty much direct contact … but the unit itself has to scan the turning and calculate force to add to it and switch directions as fast as you do and some lag occurs which makes it feel so alien

  13. No problem, we’re pleased you guys like it. Make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss out.

  14. No HD?


  16. don’t you miss shifts with the 7 speed? it seems confusing and less precise than the 6 speed

  17. 0-60mph = 3.7/8 with PDK =)

  18. I’m in the UK, here its automatically implied if you pass your test, you drive manual (i don’t have actual figures, but i have never met anyone who could only drive auto) as we have separate licence’s for manual or auto. manual means you can drive anything, but auto only is just that, you can not drive manual cars without retaking your driving test

    also it sounds like you have an advantage over some car thieves, as i own a car that is targeted by them a lot i would be pleased if i was you 😉

  19. Still stunned at the 7 speed manual tho~

  20. Real men like Tiff drive manuals.

  21. just a pity that they ruined the design, imo.

  22. Sounds like I offended someone. Are you insecure because you don’t know how to drive a manual? You should be.

  23. Tiff does the best cornering and correction – accurate and aggressive. 1:40 

  24. 7’s ok until you have to do a last second steering input at high speed in a car with 6 gears its bad enough(it feels like the steering power has been decreased) but 7 would be even worse

  25. Man, if you don’t need AWD, the new Boxster is sounding better than the 911, and looks better. I blame the looks of the Carrera GT in it.

  26. FRIST!

  27. are there people that CAN NOT drive manual out there?
    I know a few that prefer auto’s (normally city workers who have to deal with loads of traffic) But I’ve never known or even heard of anyone that can not drive manual

  28. 7 speed manual, WTF!

  29. I love Tiff. He actually reviews cars and delivers tangible knowledge instead of trying to be the next great stand-up comedian.

  30. people are hitting 2.7 sec 0-60s in this car stock 

  31. awesome! 

  32. So when he drive an automatic, he become not real man?

  33. Yea top gear is good for a few laughs, but real gearheads love Fifth gear

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