Porsche 911 Carrera S vs BMW M6: Part 1 – Fifth Gear

Sabine Schmitz joins Tiff in seeing which car is better, the Porsche 911 Carrera S or the BMW M6? Part 2 coming next week!

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  1. A sports car vs a land yatch.

  2. BMW should ditch the turbo fad and go back to making proper straight six NA engines like they used to. Yes, power is nice, but that alone doesn’t make a car great.

  3. This is an odd comparison- heavy gt coupe that should be compared to either a s7, or cl or maybe the 4 door panamera
    vs a straight up 911?

  4. Apple & Orange!!

  5. The M6 should be against the CL63…

  6. Porsche is better, good bye BMW

  7. I think she is dutch. her accent.

  8. There not rivals lol

  9. Porsche’s 911 is the superior of the two vehicles in terms of build quality and driving experience.

  10. BMW’s M cars are way too heavy. They’re starting to become boats!

  11. Carrera S vs M4…..

  12. Funny girl

  13. the driver should be the same for both the cars.
    I’ll never get tired to suggest this to fifth gear for these kinds of test.

  14. I’ m a porsche lover, but if had to choose between the 911 and the M6 I’d take the M6

  15. Im gonna get a Porsche then, Ill get to work much quicker!

  16. ¿Porque siempre que hay un BMV compra otra marca siempre lo conduce una mujer?

  17. not on the same level. As she said, the 911 Carrera is a race machine, powerful, light, and agile. The bmw is a cruise ship.

  18. Anyway,, 3 mph difference when the weight gap is 400 kg. BMW take the win. Coz I bet Panamera Turbo won’t do 73 mph.

  19. This "test" is like a lightweight UFC fighter vs a heavyweight UFC fighter.

  20. What setting were these tests done on? On or Off doesn’t quite mean anything anymore. PS. We need to see the BM results with Tiff instead of the girl driving.

  21. Once again these retards get on here who never driven one of these cars in there life and they talk like they have you guys really need to stop your making yourselves look bad. Btw compare a SUPER CRUISER against SPORTS CAR? Thats just stupid my z4 would beat the m6 just because of the sharp turns and lack of straight aways. Once again one of the many reasons I dont watch fifth gear they do dumb comparisons like these.

  22. Hell no it’s the finest Porsche ever, you’re confused with the 911 Turbo hello.

  23. This isn’t a fair test though. Different drivers!!!!

  24. The Porsche is a small, lightweight, fast sports-car.

    The BMW is a big, heavy, luxury grand tourer.

    How are they rivals exactly?

  25. shes kinda hot

  26. Try a drag race, the M6 will piss on that sausage.

  27. Fuck you I want the m6

  28. He say rear engine is a recipe for understeer. Actually vice versa.

  29. Love both manufacturers ♡

  30. Whoa whoa whoa the 911 carrera S is far from the "finest" Porsche. I sure hope he was joking haha

  31. BMW forever

  32. There are plenty of substitutes for a BMW. Porsche is for those who take driving seriously.

  33. Tifff is just awfully talented!!!
    He is a better driver than most of the young drivers!!

  34. £91,000 to have everyone want to spit in your face, the porsche is a bargain & it’s beautiful compared to this, BMW driver’s have a lousy (mainly deserved) image in Britain & they look very dreary & plain.

  35. Oh man, I think I remember seeing Sabine haul a Jaguar S type around Nurburgring at a record speed.  I gotta see that video again.  Between Carrera S and M6, that’d be a tough choice but I guess I’d have to go with the M6 as a daily driver, Carrera S for track day.

  36. M4 is probably a better match up (weight wise/power to weight ratio) than the M6

  37. bmw for life

  38. You know you CAN disable the in-cabin engine speakers

    Or you can just do a full exhaust system and set off every car alarm as you roll around downtown

  39. damn porsche is alot faster on corner .

  40. btw for life

  41. How the fuck would you compare these two? They’re not even in the same league.
    It’s like comparing smart to a phantom.

  42. nothing better than BMW on tracks

  43. ~160 HP difference, are you kidding me?

  44. The Eryk03 what a tosser.

  45. Lets put the shit in to race mode

  46. I wonder if they were driving an automatic xD

  47. Why would you not have the same driver for both cars? The experiment falls apart with too many variables. FAIL.

  48. M6s are expensive in the UK, For that price you could get a brand new GT3.

  49. Two very different cars. 911 is a pure sports car, lower centre gravity but it does have less HP. M6 is more powerful also heavier and it’s a gran tour not a sports car.

  50. Great Video, about to watch Round 2 and 3.  I am a Porsche man and am waiting on delivery of the Cayman GTS.   I am always pulling for the Porsche in any contest!

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