Porsche 911: Class reunion

The Porsche 911 (pronounced as Nine Eleven, German: Neunelfer) is a luxury 2-door sports coupe made by Porsche AG of Stuttgart, Germany. It has a distinctive design, rear engined and with independent rear suspension, an evolution of the swing axle on the Porsche 356. The engine was also air-cooled until the introduction of the Type 996 in 1998. Since its introduction in autumn 1963,[1] it has undergone continuous development, though the basic concept has remained little changed.[2]
Throughout its lifetime, the 911 has been modified by private teams and by the factory itself for racing, rallying and other forms of automotive competition. It is among the most successful competition cars ever. In the mid 1970s, normally aspirated 911 Carrera RSRs won major world championship sports car races such as Targa Florio, Daytona, Sebring and Nürburgring, even against prototypes. The 911-derived 935 turbo also won the coveted 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1979.
In the 1999 international poll for the award of Car of the Century, the 911 came fifth.[3] It is one of two in the top five that had remained continuously in production (the original Beetle remained in production until 2003),[4] and was until 1998 the most successful surviving application of the air- (now water-) cooled opposed rear engine layout pioneered by its original ancestor, the Volkswagen Beetle. It is one of the oldest sports coupe nameplates still in production.

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  1. this must be the most boring SPORTS car commercial ever

  2. pretty nice ad for a car company 🙂

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for uploading this ad. Would you by any chance know the date of its launch?
    Many thanks,


  4. well..i cried 🙂

  5. really cheesy commercial,but i liked it.

  6. this is by far, the most inspiring commercial i’ve ever watched.
    as a college student, this commercial gives me motivation to own my dream car.. forget commercials that shows a car’s safety,technology,performance and everything technical…
    this commercial, shows passion,joy and emotion… that is what motoring is all about 🙂

  7. I watched this long time ago, from then I fell in love with Porsche. Last week I got my first Porsche, Porsche Panamera as my first car in life.

  8. Cute video story: like students, like teacher and visa versa.

  9. We Germans know how to build great cars.

  10. how the shit does a 5th grade math teacher buy a porsche 911?

  11. Best commercial ever.

  12. bought my 996 911 C4S a few months ago, all I can say is that this car…. is my true love.

    I hope everyone gets to buy atleast one porsche in their life to know how much passion there is in them.

  13. I wonder what the other people at the reunion are saying about THEM?

  14. É impossivel não gostar de Porsche. Race, not posing!!!

  15. WOW!

  16. squad goals

  17. The 997 will always be the best 911 generation.

  18. hmmm 360p we meet again …

  19. Cuz that will happen

  20. Veery very beatifully video 🙂 Thanks 

  21. Some day. some day.
    Maybe not a 911, but i WILL own a Porsche no matter how much i have to work for it. I will own one.

  22. As a kid I always wanted a Porsche and now I’m 16 and I finally got my Porsche 944 but soon I will have the 911

  23. What life in homogenous 110% White Western Nations looked like …..before Talmudic filthy Multicultural Judeo Feminist  Atheist Marxists anti-White jews  destroyed White Families and White Civilization ….
    Die Juden sind unser ungluck ,was true in 1933 is true in 2014

  24. Porsche: People with boring jobs driving exciting cars.

  25. Damn now I want a 911 🙁

  26. goosebumps&tears

  27. That classic porsche 911 was damn Amazing!

  28. "like the new 9/11" XDDDDDDD

  29. a Nice spot like this NEED 1080p.

    For the Health of OUR EYES.

    Please, FULL HD.

  30. "It is our core values that define our character, it is this inner strength that make us who we are. This is the only way we keep developing and yet remain true to ourselves, like the new 911."

  31. daddy’s money

  32. I bought my first Porsche today! 🙂 2007 911 C4S

  33. There must be some unlikeliness that three school friends and their former teacher would all own Porsches, but it’s certainly an awesome dream!  Wonderful advert.

  34. I almost cry

  35. The beauty of friendship…

  36. i love how they are driving with german licenseplates in the us 😀

  37. Bin Laden designed this car !

  38. entertainment in advertisement…awesome

  39. can somebody tell me what the ad is trying to convey? Is it porsche not only for driving but it actually brings us lots of memories?

  40. Many people have many dreams. But only some dreams of some people will ever come true. I hope my 911 will be one of them. 

  41. 💓pure love 💪

  42. so gay 3 men turn up alone and leave alone in shit porsches

  43. Best porsche ad ever

  44. where’s Lisa??

  45. I was sur we’d eventually see Lisa’s boobs or some usual subtle sexual hint. Well we did not (Am I the only one that expected it ?). Suspicious me.

  46. rich people smh

  47. Just because of this ad, I’m going to own a Porsche someday.

  48. Gorgeous ad. These marketing people at Porsche really are psychologists.

  49. Fantastic video, it just makes me smile

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