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  1. anyone know what the plastic tubes are for at. 1 17?

  2. I heard they are quite reliable.

  3. Wonderful! This justifies their high price. It is a very specialized operation with vast intellectual property behind it. Only about four/five nations have ever been able to produce in high numbers exceedingly good sports and GT cars for the general public. Incredible engine and car

  4. You don’t see a lot of brothers working in there? Also, I love how the mighty turbo engine makes it dramatic appearance at around 4:40.

  5. there a chatty bunch

  6. Porsche is the best European sports car period

  7. Allah loves Porsche 911

  8. what the fuck, they are still assembling by hand. No wonder their engines fail so much.

  9. that’s why I love Germany vehicle, a kind of art….

  10. Now put one of these in the back of a VW Super Beetle!

  11. Western democracy

  12. I cant believe how clean and quite these Porsche and BMW factories are, nothing like the ones I used to visit!

  13. Watching how Porsche builds its engines (and the Macan video) reminds me of the videos I have seen of Rolex and how meticulous their timepieces are made. If every car buyer watched these videos, they would buy nothing but Porsche and Rolex!!! Seriously. I’m fortunate enough to have both.

  14. Love the music 👏🏼👍🏼

  15. southern tractor Liew Kok Keong Jacky Liew


  16. zeeeesddxgureesxvvur

  17. Porsche porn……………Pornsche

  18. The musical theme is like a porno movie theme of early 90′

  19. looks the most boring jobs ever, i wouldnt last a morning.

  20. 4:24 pinocchio hard @ work (:

  21. Just a casual automotive workers camp…

  22. Its a beautiful thing seeing an engine coming together, a work of math, metal, and tools to perform for you the most wonderful thing, speed. I may never have one of them but they are still beautiful none the less. Thank you Mr Porsche.

  23. nice video,  engines made in Germany are becoming more complex, prone to defect and expensive to repair.  Keep it simple

  24. boa noite pessoal do witube eu sou apaixonado por carros principalmente caminhão eu adoro eu gostaria de ver fabricação do caminhão ama

  25. Ferrari for ever kids that a Vw Beetle sure.

  26. The porn music soundtrack put me to sleep…

  27. I could not do that work. Boring.

  28. Whats with the fucking porno music?

  29. oil spray for piston crowns

  30. what a shitty music

  31. these twin turbo engine cost about $8,000 a piece new. i really like it

  32. i didnt watch a video, because of the music i fell asleep.

  33. cheesy music

  34. get rid of the music , way over produced

  35. Yes allay loves the twin turbo 911s

  36. Is this drive ?

  37. sdeeds cireeddxfueeeddxxesxsexcid

    sswewesds burewasdseedsxcvxs vuc

  38. Fucking music

  39. How nice it feels when i see working people there and not only robotics 🙂

  40. No oil in the zylinder?

  41. *why ppl complain about the music?* its like those porn musics or sex music so relaxing. Meaning its PERFECT for watching the flat 6 being built. Just like porn. Just like sex.

  42. Music is shit

  43. Nice video and I liked the music too!!

  44. Nice video but the music doesn’t help much. Please consider re-uploading without the music.

  45. With the music it’s like car engine porn.

  46. I wonder if they all drive a Porsche or perhaps get one from the factory for free

  47. When watching porn you have to have porn music. Now I can have a cigarette. LOL

  48. The inspector at the end looks like he should be working in a Kebab store… not Porsche.

  49. No blacks or illegals here. Wonder why?

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