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  1. Wow now that’s a pussy picker upper word up, just need tint for getting head lol

  2. Song name : Varien & 7 Minutes Dead – Mirai Sekai pt2. Neo – Tokyo

  3. This is beautiful and Mean at the same time. the wheels really set it off. Dope all around

  4. Porsches all look the same :/ I love the 930 slant nose best.

  5. My favorite Porsche <3 forever GT2 993

  6. gooooooooodddd the 993s are so pretty

  7. A teenagers wet dream..

  8. Those are some seriously fat tires. Awesome car

  9. <3333

  10. Awesome,,!

  11. 993 on the strip in Ocean City, MD. Doesn’t get any better than that.

  12. wow super magnifica

  13. Not a real GT2…….. 993 turbo! Real gt2 the rear flare doesn’t run flush at the bottom of the side rocker panel. Porsche used narrow body cars for the gt2 to start out with. That said this car looks killer, I would take this over most modern exotics any day

  14. Is this the new opening to Miami Vice?

  15. For everyone like me who HATES when YouTube accounts don’t give credit or tell viewers what music they use in their videos, I found the song artist and title:

    Varien & 7 Minutes Dead – Mirai Sekai pt. 2: Neo-Tokyo

  16. that’s beyond sexy

  17. Super Kool dude.. You have a nice car there. beast!

  18. What a dumb ass…take’s the rpm to red line then turn it off….

  19. You couldn’t have done a better job with the flared arches..? Looks shit with the fixing holes all visible…

  20. 993 – the best shape. GT2 – the ultimate.

  21. Anyone know what wheels those are

  22. beauty.

  23. Great to see Ocean City getting some love from ze Germans.

  24. If you like the Porsche you visit us in youtube, only put : + Q Coches, and see all videos real Stock incluyed 964 3.6 Turbo Ruf and 993 GT2….. See more too in w w w. Masqcoches. Net

  25. you see that the standard turbo is for 99,999% perfect with respect to design and body silhouette. people who think they can do it better or make it nicer; stop doing it you crew up the design. this car has completely lost the elegance of a 911. but keep on trying to make it better than the standard turbo 911. wheels are far too big to me. stickers are ugly and the wheels are too tight to the arches.

  26. Is a orgasm

  27. RWB is much more better !!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. I want one!

  29. Why do you mount the camera that way funny lolz

  30. what a car simply beautiful

  31. I can’t believe the real thing just sold for 1.2 million

  32. I luuuuurrrrvvv this car!!!!!! Trouser reactions watching this thing all day!

  33. Beautiful motor

  34. One of the best looking 911 ever made.

  35. NASTY!!!!!

  36. Drool in… 3… 2…1…

  37. The 993 is by far the best looking 911 ever made…. EVER

  38. This is not a GT2, as it has a sunroof. 993 NB converted to GT2 look a like.

  39. music?

  40. ^^^This the Diablo and the F355 of the same era are still my fave supercars from my childhood!!!

  41. front discs are furrowed cause the brake pads are too hard = some people just do not know !

  42. Wow wow wow wow
    I was hoping the video would never end.

  43. Insane Car!!!

  44. What song is that?

  45. like like like

  46. Was that first 25 seconds in Ocean City, MD?

  47. Miami Vice fans? 🙂 Nice car!! :)Should have talked about it. What was done to it.

  48. Owned by a cop from Jersey ??? It has NJ Law Enforcement plates on it….

  49. after 993…. The more aerodinamic porche 911 looks worse… ;( 

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