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  1. the ZR1 has almost double as much horse power than the 911. ( 911 has 420 / ZR1 has 820 without turbo) rates 911 (4.5/5.0) as for zr1 its (4.9/5.0)

  2. I saw a yellow Vette in Frankfurt in 2013 listed for 179,000 euros in a dealer, but can’t recall if it was the ZR1 or the Z06, the gt2, have no idea.

  3. corvette fan when they loose they blame at drive hahhahah

  4. In a real life street race to 170 mph usually happens on a freeway where the car is rolling . The GT2 won’t stand a chance

  5. 150 HP more and still lost. Just disgusting for GM.

  6. Any hillbilly can put a 1000 HP cheaply on  4 tires to outdo a Porsche on a straightaway. What about driveability and handling? I had every model corvette made, and they DO NOT handle well at all. They are ALL disconnected from the road including the C7. They are cool but no comparison for a Porsche.

  7. corvettes are not gas guzzlers mine at over 600 horse gets 25 highway

  8. yeah! right Porsche is a better car  please how much they pay this guy to say that about the corvette

  9. O erro ficou tão evidente. O Porsche chegou "1º na linha demarcada como chegada", isso já no seu limite, enquanto o Corvette ainda tinha mais para desenvolver, ou seja, se aumentasse mais o espaço demarcado como chegada, com certeza o Corvette chegaria com fôlego, enquanto o Porsche já à muito estaria ultrapassado seu limite de giro.

  10. Must be the toxic air over there, both cars were slow.

  11. Hello everybody, I just posted a video a ZR1 doing a few pulls and made an edit with a couple other cars cruising, it would mean a lot to me if you guys checked it out!

  12. Give the Vette a dual clutch and "slightly stickier tires" as described in this video, and the Vette would probably win from a standstill. That said, Porsche has an amazing ability to do everything right. I’d pick the Porsche in a heartbeat, but it is more expensive.

  13. I’d like to see this updated with 2016 zr1 standing start!

  14. You can clearly see at multiple points in this video, that the Vette is about to pass the Porsche, then they cut to a different clip where the vette is way behind.

  15. Porsche wins the race in the short to middle run but if that track was tripled, I guarantee and bet a lot of money that the Corvette would win.

  16. The guy in the vette is not double clutch shifting like he should

  17. pals trouble anyone know smarter this work ? lbughinl

  18. when you put 80,000 miles in any porsche starts to fall a part all over, while the Vette goes and goes over to 200,000 miles, a great daily car and the porsche?, great shit.

  19. Zr1 Needs driver mod ….baaaaad..

  20. vette’s Driver sucks

  21. Corvette rider is bad

  22. corvette needs a driver

  23. Each vid the same shit from the US fanboys: "the driver is so bad… . Shifting, blabla." The fat yanks can be happy, the UK guys didn t take the GT2 RS, which would drive circles about the plastic crap car.

  24. Jajaja… En vez de darme coraje me da tanta risa. Ahora resulta que el Corvette vence a todos los súper autos europeos??? Lo que se me hace raro es que solo veo comentarios en inglés, y con toda seguridad éste pinche canal es de un puto de EUA.

  25. Team Porsche.

  26. This is the most funny video ever in youtube, specially this blond guy in the video with those funny pants in the bottom…buddy, you need new jeans….HA.

  27. That Vette driver sucked, could not break the 12’s with 650 horsepower?? My 430hp vortex blown 1997 Cobra ran low 12’s on 245 street tires… That asshole can’t drive – end of story. The 911 is a great car, probably the best all around sports car ever, but that Vette would have murdered it if they put in a driver – I see stock 09 zo6’s running low 11s all the time, on dr’s high 10,s

  28. pure bullshit . torque gets a car moving . the porsche has none. The zr1 would smoke the porsche leaving . this was a bogus comparison.

  29. use launch control

  30. what he say after "overall is….????"

  31. the corvette zr1 is faster than the 911 gt2 regardless because it has a 638hp in it

  32. corvette wins you limey fuck :p #vettsrule

  33. The 911 is lighter tho that’s an advantage over the zr1

  34. the driver did not launch the Corvette properly. The ZR1is will do 0-60 in nearly 3 seconds if you do not shift early. Top gear even confirmed it.

  35. I can’t believe that the ZR1 more expensive than the Z06 but it ran the same as the Z06. The z06 can do 12.6 sec T 125 MPH TOO

  36. make american shame on that zr1

  37. Rolling starts are for pussies. anyone can fit a hugeass engine in a car and make it go fast in a straight line.

  38. Not a chance Vette, race against America cars.

  39. I was in denial and wanted Corvette to be better but the truth is Porsche is a better car. Porsche is made in Germany and it’s the fastest luxury car. The only reason why I pick Corvette over the Porsche is because of the price. Huge advantage. It’s like both cars cost the same except on the Corvette, I get a lot of free but limited maintenance and repairs.

  40. Joe Molinaro42 seconds ago (edited)
    Moby Dick, I can see you are Moby "DICK", but the Porsche corporation will like to be the HEELS of the mighty GMC SHOES, ha.

  41. All expert drivers here I see… Excuses esxcuses excuses👎

  42. How bout you put it up against a gt2 rs

  43. zr1 granny shifting

  44. 3:03 really slow gear change

  45. Testing in the USA:
    "The GT2 RS would beat the crap out of our ZR1. Let s take a Porsche Boxster instead to prove we are so superior."

  46. LOL….how horrible of a launch did the guy in the ZR-1 get….obviously this is a euro magazine and had to make the GT2 look better. He even said at the beginning that the Zr-1had a better 0-60 time…so it was obivously driver error.

    0-100mph in 8.25sec….OMG, every other magazine gets 7.6s (car & driver), 7.3s (motor trend)manufacturers calim is 7.0s.

    Even the european automobile magazine CAR said, "Match it up against a Ferrari 599, Lamborghini LP560-4 or Porsche 911 GT2, and the ZR1 will eat them all."

  47. Turbo lag????? I thought that a Porsche gt2 was normally aspirated!!

  48. that corvette engine is garbage, better out races with cobra 289 or 427 s
    that parachute (Porsche) is disgusting to fast speed it

  49. Vette might be cheaper at first but dat gas on the vette is like throwing a gallon of gas in a river/U NEED TO FUCKING REFILL AT A GAS STATION EVERY FIVE MINUTES

  50. can everyone please just accept the fact that porsche’s racing history speaks for itself

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