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  1. My neighbors must think I’m crazy.

  2. Would like to see a Ferrari 458 Italia do that…

  3. Is the underside of this 911’s reinforced, or do they ride taller than normal?

  4. beyond comprehension and skills. The angel and devil at once.

  5. This video + sennheiser over ear headphones = instant chills down your spine 🙂

  6. Anti-lag is to reduce turbo-lag, but a GT3 is naturally aspirated (no turbo). It wouldn’t really make much sense 😉

  7. 3:22 what the heck was that noise

  8. GT3–best car ever

  9. the sound of it gives me the creeps, I recommend fasting very loudly

  10. no als because no boost.

  11. only two minutes in and my pants are already ruined

  12. that car has a perfect grip and a huge downforce – it is almost never slips

  13. Thats a porshce sound

  14. Agree you , driver is Olaf Dobberkau

  15. is this germany?

  16. ze germans, haha

  17. Thanks for not putting any music to the video.
    The best sound has the completely red one, imho

  18. sehr schöne Kameraführung , gute Soundquali .. Top Video °

  19. Porsch

  20. yes? lol

  21. Correct, all scenes are from Germany 🙂

  22. Loved and hated for equal, but no doubt it has a real racing sound. Beautiful sound.

  23. Finally a car that matches the madness of the Ur-Quatro….The gt3 is a fantastic machine..!!

  24. Wer hat denn eig gewonnen?

  25. Car sounds soo damn good, that I’m getting angry everytime it does a pull. Like fuck, why would they do this… You dirty mother ffffs, fucking genius.

  26. Da geht Mann steil! Zeitlos schön und genau so gut wie Musik 🙂

  27. sehr schöne Kameraführung , gute Soundquali .. Top Video °

  28. ferrari can’t do this

  29. Einfach nur Geil. Porsche GT3 rulez:)

  30. No I’m sorry that was the wrong guy sir. Their cars look similar. But the guy I’m talking about can not handle his GT3.

  31. Da bekommt doch jeder paarungswillige Trompetenkäfer ne Erektion ^^ !

  32. i just got a boner….

  33. No need to be jealous little boy.

  34. on two minutes in and my pants are already ruined

  35. wie heißt der fahrer im weißen porsche? mit kennzeichen Z-PZ 911

  36. nur porsche bekommt so ein sound hin 🙂

  37. Ich glaub ich hab grad nen Ohrgasmus…

  38. Tolle Bilder, großartiger Sound. Hab’s durch Zufall gefunden 🙂

  39. That black 996 is sick. 🙂

  40. kommst du/ihr auch zur ROLAND-RALLY von Nordhausen?

  41. Hi, does anyone know if there are any Porsche rallies in the US?

  42. The red GT3 number 36. My German friend knows the driver and he is a total jerk. He thinks he can really handle that car. But listen. He is VMM VMMMMM VMMMMM. He keeps letting off the gas too much because he thinks he can handle it but he really can’t

  43. 911 4.0 500 hp?? 500hp on rally?

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