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  1. You can really hear the dynamics in the sound through out the rev range. The last 7-8k rpm it really winds out into another noise. Truly amazing motor.

  2. Nothing better than PDK!!

  3. That PDK gearbox is ridiculous.

  4. what a shit lap

  5. Corvette Grandsport did this .1 seconds slower. Also costs 74,000. Impressive Chevrolet, just fix those overheating issues.

  6. Just an observations but there’s a lot of coasting esp in the uphill S’s. Should have gotten professional drivers to really get them around the track at 10/10ths

  7. Im gonna miss that flat 6

  8. Wish they had the 911R so we could see how it compares to the Grand Sport

  9. this is the worst driver I ever seen! and btw how the fuck you drive in automatic mode in a track for god sake?

  10. Wow. The corvette grand sport almost had the same time! It’s 200hp less than the ZO6 too! Very impressive

  11. Those shifts sound so much better than those arcaic manuals!

  12. ‘s so good

  13. That intro music is some 80’s porno disco. I like it.

  14. Who does he think he is, Jean Alesi, the King of head leaners? 😀 You youngsters probably don’t know him (retired F1 driver).
    Anyway… Great video, but quite honestly, I’d prefer to see a fixed in-car camera. The leaning made it a bit disorienting. You still get my thumbs up! Looked like a LOT of fun driving that car.

  15. Why isn’t the driver using the paddles?

  16. Please loose the helmet cam! Every right hand turn the camera looks down into the passenger area. Very sad…

  17. This is why Porsche Cup drivers are pulling out of IMSA racing. Fast yes, but not fast enough for the IMSA class they are racing in.

  18. The driver didn’t seem confident enough with the car.

  19. I feel like he stayed on the brakes a bit too long entering the esses at 2:06. Seemed like he could’ve carried a little more speed through there.

  20. this car is orgasmic

  21. Man this car acts like it’s got quite a bit more than 500hp. You could see him fighting for traction the whole time.

  22. btw glad to see 350r above m4 gts by over 1s 😀

  23. The 991 is dead. Long live the 991!

  24. When you truly sit down and start appreciating this car you realize that this is a @$?&ing 4.0L six cyl that is only bested by a car with more than double the displacement and damn near close to double the cylinders and infront of that is the million dollar plus Porsche. How Porsche does what it does is nearly physics breaking…how they took a beetle molded and conformed it into one of the greatest race cars is truly brilliant.

  25. wow the viper and the Ferrari 488ftb are faster than this. I thought the Porsche was going to at least be faster than that Ferrari.

  26. Those PDK gear changes are hypnotic, sexy and terrifying all at the same time.

  27. Somebody tell Tony that the accelerator pedal is the one that makes the car go faster.

  28. I don’t trust these times… different drivers makes too much of a difference. Case in point, check out the 2917 R8 V-10 Plus time here [Relative to the 570S and M4 GTS] to that of Motor Trend Best Driver’s Car. Casts doubt on these Lightening Laps

  29. This sound, jesus, it’s so good

  30. I hate to be that guy but there’s another easily another .2 or .3 in there.. Some of the other laps they did such as the one in the Grand Sport were definitely better than this one, but it is what it is.

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