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  1. gt3 for me pls

  2. Porsche Cayman GT4 is coming out soon, my mate won his GT4 and his getting GT4 in December. Win your Dream car at

  3. This comparison is the kind of chat we all have in trackdays 🙂

  4. i thought that you shouldn’t be sliding when you’re trying to get a lap time

  5. Wow

  6. no battle between gt3 and cayman

  7. do all gt3 cars have a big ass spoiler in the back?

  8. great video.. subbed

  9. i hear the new gt4 cayman understeers alot more on track. i remember people mentioning they had to adjust with rear sway bars to get better turn in? so its suspension is different than the gts cayman?

  10. Nice, now that the GT4 has been revealed, can’t wait to see a GT4 vs 997 GT3 comparison.

  11. That was some fantastic downshifting.

  12. New technology

  13. Does this car have ptv? Heard you can’t turn full system off if you have the torque vectoring which sucks because I want the diff though.

  14. The driver, Jethro, avoided using the curbs when piloting the GT3; End of controversy 😆 Great comparison of cars. It’s a win-win owning either of ’em.

  15. a car reviewer that can actually drive! WOW! BRAVO!

  16. Ik

  17. 996 Gt3 has more prestige,although the Cayman GTS is the better buy.

  18. Next up: 996 GT3 RS vs Cayman GT4!!!

  19. Makes perfect sense the 911 makes up time in the straight, definitely if the Cayman wud+cud get more hp it would be the sweetest Porsche for the $

  20. Best line ever: "PDK is probably better…..but who cares!"

  21. 2015 Cayman GTS vs 2015 991 911 GT3 🙂 or 2015 911 C4 GTS vs 2015 GT3. 🙂

  22. Porsche should give the Cayman some umpf like a turbo or just put a GT3 RS 4.0 in it and change to some carbon bodyparts…that would be sick.

  23. In my eyes Cayman is for drivers 911 is for posers

  24. How would you compare those Cayman gts seats with sports plus seats?

  25. Surprised by this result, my stock Cayman GTS is so much faster than stock 996 GT3’s on the track…only fully prepared GT3’s on Hoosiers are faster than the Cayman GTS.


  27. Really love the Cayman since I could drive one on track. It seems that you can to pretty much anything with this car.

  28. why is this guy NOT on the new TOP GEAR???

  29. Who needs the shitty new 991 with it’s digital nosnense, electronic 4 wheel powersteering and turbo shit or a 4 cylinder downsized 718??

    if you have these 2 magnifcient beasts!! The 996 is without a doubt the best 911 ever!!! And also the most handsome, and for once didn’t look like a Beetle when it was launched. I prefer the first gen 996, but yeah, there was no GT3 RS!

    And this Cayman is the last of a dieing league of awesome mid engine sportscars. Great to see that the 996 can keep up with it!

  30. Cayman gts is by far one of the best sports cars ever made. Bit unfair to compare to a 996 gt3 even though the gt3 had light weight track wheels and neova tyres. Never really understand comparisons.

  31. Poor 996.. I know it’s probably a great buy now, but that interior.. I will never get over it

  32. Now make a Cayman GTRS.

  33. I saw a white Porsche Cayman GTS this morning walking home from the GYM. I’ve always been a 911 fan……but I’m not so sure anymore.

  34. What!? A car made from mostly a GT3 is the same speed as the GT3?! Crazy…


  36. Such a tough choice – I never knew wealthy folks had it so rough, lol.
    Oh well, I suppose I’ll just have to be happy with my ’87 951 . . . very happy 😉

  37. There is a problem. I just went through this and it can’t be understated. Boxter awesome car awesome price but for me I will seldom take top off also for me a  bit of a chicks car which I would look past if I drove top down more. So next Cayman in every respect an excellent car beautiful and super capable really easy to drive fast. The 911 is more difficult to drive fast no doubt need more driving sense and skill and PSM or not can bite you. So there I am sitting do I buy a almost new Cayman GTS/S or older 997 gen 2 S or 4S the prices are comparable ish in my country. So I bought the 911 why?
    Resale value, any prospective Cayman buyer has to know they are buying the least bought Porsche not in one or another country but world wide every country Cayman least bought Porsche. It makes no sense isn’t logical but is true. Your Cayman just isn’t going to keep its value I can’t see that changing its been the same since day one.

  38. I would buy the oldest one. Because at the same speed, you feel like you’re going faster in the old cars than in the new ones. 997 GT3 RS, perfect. Manual gearbox, old feelings, etc. 

  39. 6:50 Don’t avoid the curb!!!! We want to see them both at their ABSOLUTE best. Every inch of turning in counts!!
    Otherwise the 996 would probably have won!!!

  40. Mid engine rule !!! Cayman is the car!

  41. that looks like such a fun track

  42. U r a sloth JK

  43. Great comparison

  44. nice viddy, but how hard would it have to secure the belts of the GT3 in place instead of letting them bang on the seats and "roll bar" And what’s up with the air freshener??????

  45. More of these comparisons. Perhaps the new 911 carrera (turbo charged) vs a 993 turbo ?? Especially with jethro

  46. I have owned a number of Porsches, and loved all of them as most owners do, and I think that this comparo explains a lot.  And it’s not good. One of my favorite Porsches was my 996, but I ultimately let that car go because I feared all of the fatal flaws associated with it’s engine. Flaws it always seemed Porsche could have easily addressed.  🙁  I think this camparo is the reason they never did. There is such an overlap in the performance abilities of some of the older Porsches compared to the entry level newer cars, that their biggest competition for sales is their own used car market. The only reason I would pass on an older 911 in consideration of a newer Boxster or Cayman is concern over reliability.

  47. Needs 11 year gap to just match the 911.should of destroyed it it’s not an achievement to match it just shows how good 911s are

  48. And you call having a track day like that a day of work and receive for it? LOL. The envy dominates me after seeing this video LOL

  49. Cayman says 1:05:50 when it crossed the line

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