Porsche 911 GT3 vs Nissan GT-R track battle

Our man Steve Sutcliffe throws a Porsche 911 GT3 and a Nissan GT-R around in a fight for supercar supremacy. Which is quickest around a track?

Porsche 911 GT3 review: http://aex.ae/1RodD92
Nissan GT-R review: http://aex.ae/1RodCln

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  1. gap 11 seconds?? The driver ride like my grandma when in GTR, what a unfair test.. real test real driver GTR is faster..

  2. Best thing to do would be to put the exact same tyres on both cars. Then you’d get a true indication of which car was faster, rather than which tyre was faster.

  3. Did anybody expect a different result?? Porsche, you get what you pay for!!!

  4. the nissan has track tires and track suspension .not so fare .the gt3 rs will do right

  5. He really sounds like he has a fever

  6. ridiculous test, btw laping cars and speaking does not give credibility…

  7. He’s driving GT-R in comfort mode not sport

  8. Porsche will always be the better car.. Pure quality! Nissan plastic rubbish!

  9. You should have rescheduled the track day.

  10. As long as a human is driving, there isn’t a 100% way to compare them equally. Humans are prone to error.

  11. Kids get disappointed

  12. its a fake 11 seconds than a porsche is imposible 2 or 3 secods is posibly but 11 its acording to win the porsche

  13. Porsche GT3 Awesome!!!

  14. the gtr is faster of course. more hp and more torque. the test just basically prove traction. the gt3 was taking out again i guess after its tyres were warmed up. the moderator said that the gt3 tyres got more grip the wetter the conditions. if this was a commercial, it would of been a tyre commercial. according to what the guy said, it’s all about tyres. he said the gtr lost grip bad the wetter it condition while it’s vice versa on the gt3. to really test the theory. put the tyres on two different cars or exchange the tyres and see the difference in the hypothesis. that’s how we can really know if it’s the car or the tyres

  15. This is false. Everybody knows that GT-R Nurburgring lap time is 7:19.10 (Record Position 12) and the Porsche 911 GT3 lap time is 7:42 (Record Position 52). Also the GT-R is AWD and the Porsche 911 GT3 is RWD…..There is no way that the Porsche 911 GT3 has more traction than the Nissan GT-R, even with raining conditions although the GT-R is heavier. So….That is how it’s evident that the English are friends of the German and they do not like the Japanese

  16. I totally expected this result. The GTR is a good car but totally overrated whereas the Porsche is totally underrated. Only someone who really knows cars knows how good Porsches are.

  17. Gtr fan boys seem butt hurt lmao

  18. The Porsche might beat the gtr by 10 seconds but also cost 3 times the gtr.

  19. this ish shit this is not reality gtr best car

  20. what’s the music for
    We want to hear the engines ffs !

  21. Why post this garbage

  22. The gtr lost because the track was not straight the guy turned better in the porshe if it was a straight one the gtr would win

  23. It doesn’t seem like the same guy driving from every camera shot.

  24. pointless test

  25. The Gtr is pure value for money. However, the Porsche is easier to drive, is better built, better to look at, and is more reliable than the Nissan. I reckon the Nismo edition would be much faster.

  26. Come over and test cars PROPERLY in California, not in these BS weather

  27. Would have been really interesting to see a remake of that test, still in the wet, but on intermediate (regular street-) tires.

    I´ve never been fast in cars, not by race standards anyway. But I´ve raced bikes most of my life, and this seems similar to the comparison between 600 vs 1000cc race bikes. The lower weight in the 600 becomes soooo important as soon as it´s wet or the tracks are really twisty. Power advantage craves for fast tracks with long straights where it actually is possible to make use of all that power, so 90% of the lap the lighter/nimbler 600cc has the advantage.

    Imho, the Porsche seems like a legit winner..

    (Then again, these cars probably aren´t powered enough to have the problem with limited acces to full throttle like bikes have. So my whole analysis might be bullshit 😉 )

  28. A lot of dislikes lol must be those GTR fan boys 😂😂

  29. ok buy a gtr but if it rains take public transportation. lol

  30. Come on GTR…

  31. haha v funny !!!

  32. 911 gt3 is a race car..stop talking shit the gtr is a road car

  33. one more dislike added

  34. The driver is bad 👎🏼

  35. a drag race between the two, the Porsche pretty much keeps up with the gtr. even though the Porsche has less horse power it does have better handling. The gt3 is better hands down. if it was there turbo s it would have murdered the gtr…

  36. what a waste

  37. i guess he would still make the comparison test if they brought him the gt-r missing a wheel.

  38. who the fuck gave this dude a godzilla to drive its not a kids car honey

  39. gtr so much nicer

  40. they dont use data acquisition software?

  41. GTR lovers put it on the whether conditions but they forget that GT3 has no twin turbo engine.

  42. It always has to rain doesn’t it. Well I can say I was surprised with the gt3’s wet lap times. impressive.

  43. Big diference of the lap time.
    Increbile diference.

  44. the test is so fair right?!?!?!?!?!

  45. Such a test should not have been conducted in such conditions. This was a waste of the company’s resources.

  46. that is imposible

  47. Any supercar battle head to head with stevie sutcliffe behind the wheel is a video worth watching😎

  48. Everyone is here arguing over which dead serious supercar is better: the GT-R, or the GT3. Meanwhile, I’m sitting here dreaming of sliding about on a track in an F-type R, going extremely slowly but laughing so hard I overpower the roaring exhaust note. Life doesn’t have to be serious all the time.

  49. excuse after excuse,
    my dead grandmother could drive faster than that.

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