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  1. What’s the color name?

  2. In the background at the start, is that a Hyundai Genesis?

  3. Matt is becoming one of my most favorite car reviewers. Of course Chris Harris takes the #1 spot. 😛

    (Yeah, the camera was crap, but few years ago we would be happy about it. 🙂

  4. rwd or awd

  5. Awesome one. Great vocal

  6. So, did he like it?

  7. Some people say the Jaguar F type S (six cylinder) has a better sounding exhaust, but listening on you tube, I can’t hear much difference. I’ll have to test drive both I guess before I make a decision.

  8. Great video.

  9. This car is about 45,000.00 in QUIDS!!! A brand new 2016 one will cost that!! So its pretty cheap!!!! I will buy one and give to one of my 27 sweethearts that I’ve not even met yet…

  10. Most of you guys don’t realize that the GTS is a BARGAIN. If you add all the options the GTS onto a Carrera S, it will come out significantly more expensive than the GTS.

  11. No Sean. The latest version I’m talking.

  12. Za. G

  13. Aaah the British weather. GTS best 911 for sure, mine with blacked out exterior and with red interior.

  14. I have so much money I am actually confused!! Gonna employ about 10 Maths Professors from Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Oxford and Cambridge just to come and help me count about 1/10th of the monies I have in just one of my regular savings account at BBT!!! Imagine what I have banked Offshore!! I went to Wellington Mall the other day at Kay Jewellers and bought a ring for my girlfriend in Madagascar, and the change I got back could buy a 3 bedroom house in Boca!! Damn!! God bless me!

  15. Please do a Lincoln MKC the next time you go to the US. 

  16. caymen gt4  makes more sense

  17. I notice that he avoided the subject of the 991 poor electric-steering feedback/feel? I really like Porsches but for £90-odd grand I’d want to know exactly what the front wheels were doing.

  18. OMG the color is AMAZEBALLS

  19. Are u kidding me? this is the most pathetic review I have ever seen

  20. Matt should be on every car review channel!

  21. starts at £91k?
    think GT3 would be a wiser choice.

  22. Porsche has been making so many good cars, if I won the lotto tomorrow I could easily count 10 Porches I would but the next day

  23. When someone is being asked to think of a true classic sports car Porsche is definately within the top 3. And arguably the first car that comes to mind for the majority of the vote. This car is just beautiful. Many car enthusiasts would agree that this car manufacturer kept its sleek lines from one generation to the next. Not very many manufactures are able to pull this off. Oh and as far as the price is conserned, I think its worth every penny whether it be in dollars or euros!

  24. I love it. This is exactly what I would buy if I won the lottery. I absolutly Love the manual transmision and the beautiful blue. Thanks so much for sharing.

  25. Need this car, been looking at them for ages. Just £83,000 short

  26. meh…

  27. i dont like ducktail

  28. Do a review of that Hyundai Genesis in the back

  29. one of my favorite car testers gj on auto express on signing this awsome guy 

    give this guy some racing experience and some car control lessons and he will do awsome reviews

  30. Would rather have a AMG GT! but no doubt the 911 is sooooo damn sexy!

  31. My Prom Car last year! Cracking car

  32. Have to love his honesty

  33. Good vid, not often you hear a down to earth motoring presenter getting real about wealth and owning one of these expensive luxuries. Thanks to the likes of Top gear generation you’d think Joe average had the means to jump into a different supercar for every day of the week.

  34. This is one fabulous piece of machinery. I have had mine for ten months now and its a pleasure both on the track and on the windy curvy mountain roads that I drive on. The manual transmission is wonderful and the naturally aspirated engine gives off the coolest growl you will ever hear. I live in California, so I have the cabriolet and I never
    turn the radio on because the sound of that engine is intoxicating. I have had four
    other 911’s and they have all been great in their own way.

  35. This is has been drifted by Chris Harris

  36. Are the wheels gloss black or satin?

  37. duck tail spoils the car

  38. Idk why this guy is talking about the PDK being more fuel efficient than the manual when the car has 430hp….How fuel efficient can it be with that much hp?

  39. I’m not sure about *this* ducktail spoiler IMO.  The ducktails look great on the old 911s, but it doesn’t really fit the 991’s lines.  It sticks out like a sore thumb and spoils (pardon the pun) the smooth styling of the rear end of the 991 IMO. This ducktail is too big really, a more subtle one would look better. 🙂

  40. The exhaust sounds heavenly.

  41. i dont think it’s a lot of car for 91k pound.

  42. Is that a Hyundai Genesis? I didn’t know if it’s available in Europe. 

  43. Why would you ever sacrifice seat ventilation for Alcantara?

  44. lol at his Eargasm

  45. Cayman gts > this.

  46. In Turkey, 450.000 USD. with tax fee

  47. Sapphire Blue with white contrast stitching or Carrera White/ Agate Grey with red contrast stitching?

  48. Perfect exterior spec! Saphire blue with sportdesign pack = yum! Would add PDK and alcantara GTS package though!

  49. Thanks, Mat!!

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