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  1. A quick Lesson in English, tryan148.

    Always remember to start a sentence with a capital letter,,,,!!!

    And exactly what does ‘and you made my point anyways’ mean,,,,???

    Sloppy, sloppy language you Yanks speak,,,,!!!

    And, if it is anything like your ‘alleged’ German, the locals must cringe every time you attempt to speak their language,,,,!!!

    Haben (anderen) schönen Tag,,,,!!!

  2. @trollmastertroll
    I have a civic Si and I know my limitations. Keep dreaming

  3. I love Porsche cars when I was a little boy.

  4. @MrPorsche91730 look idiot, get the info. the vette was finished in germany, and you can never compare a german car with an american car, never, the old acura-honda nsx beat all the prior vette… i have a vette a nsx and a 911 2005 and i would like to know what do you have? car and driver fan… idiot read car history and go to a dealer and try some test drive, not only in 400m, im talking like real driver.. in what world a corvette its better that panamera turbo S. shut the fuck up idiot…

  5. @quincee33 What can you say in defense? Tell him that 911´s are not mid-engined. 911´s engine is on the back, behind the rear axle, while mid-engined cars have the engine in front of the rear axle. These kind of configuration, which 911´s use, is said to be impractical because of the weight distribution, but Porsche has proved they can build rear engined cars that easily beat mid-engined cars, which is said to be the best engine configuration.

  6. @lockyjose then keep it, everyone else we’d be happy with a 911 turbo:)

  7. I think Porsche should do like Ford and GM did and work with the orginal 911 look. The new Porsches are looking more japanese then german!

  8. I cried during this video

  9. Total man version of a chick flick here. Love it. If you are a car or Porsche guy, you understand.

  10. Even if the 996 turbo is ten years old it still looks stunning!

  11. new? it looks same as 1980 model… lazy designers…

  12. You obviously didn’t click on my post below,,,!!!

    Live anywhere you want, ‘speak’ (sic) the language as you professed but,,,,,,,,,,,,,and it is a big but, the most important aspect of speaking any language is ‘Accent’,,,,,!!!

    And, if you insist on stressing an ‘a’ at the end of Porsche, then you obviously do not speak the language correctly at all,,,,!!!

    It’s not complicated to understand is it,,,,,,,,,,,,,or is it,,,,???

  13. @tatjanaomanovic
    Funny, my 8 year old also said he wants my 911 when he is old enough to drive. He doesn’t want my 2 new Lexus suv…

  14. @dill30669 hey, a buddy of mine (porsche hater) says the 911 is one of the worst designed cars of all-time? He says the mid-engine design is stupid……what can i say to him in defense? cuz i always thought the Porsche 911 was one of the greatest handling cars……

  15. Just for you tryan148;

    Logon to;

    Now, stand in front of the mirror and practice, practice and practice to get it right, and achieve inner peace,,,,!!!

    Have a nice day!

  16. Porsche is simply the best. Only when you own one will you understand this.

  17. porsche will build a better car, but they’ll never ever will build a better 911 "993"

  18. "cezarscs"… the funny thing is this guy ins’t troll ….

  19. It is NOT ‘Porsha’ it is pronounced ‘Porsh’ without the ‘a’ on the end,,,,!!!

    Wise up you yanks and learn to speak, spell and pronounce names correctly,,,,!!!

    And, before anyone asks, YES, do own a Porsche (Porsh),,,,,,,,,,,a beautiful and rare 1991, 964 Turbo 2 – 3.2 Litre – 320 Brake Horse Power beast of the first order and still good for 300 Kph,,,,!!!

    And, like the Scandinavian Vikings, when l die, it will be buried with me,,,,!!!

    Go In Peace,,,,!!!

  20. @MrPorsche91730 man im sorry was not with you i lknow what you did say,,, my mistake,,, i did want to respond to the same guy you did… that is why my post… the nsx come out for to say if a 92 car beat the corvette imagine a 911 S or turbo… just that… reply me…

  21. @dill30669 i agrre, but i just don’t get the bashing he and others havfe against the 911, i always thought it was engineered to perfection. And if the design is flawed, why do they still have it?

  22. @trollmastertroll
    You sir are an idiot

  23. @05027802 wow you are a complete tool lmao. you know the panamera can beat a zr1, oh yea and it holds 4 people. you are right the fact that a 5000 lbs car can beat a vette, yea that sounds like an awful car to me lol. now do us a all a favour and dont speak

  24. I believe this is the narrator who read the audio book of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged.
    It is on Youtube as well, so someone can verify this if they care. I just love his voice.

  25. *Cough Panamera *Cough

  26. well, still has people comparing Japanese cars with a porsche.well ,I keep buying japanese photo machines

  27. 13 SUV drivers didn´t like this vid

  28. The picture at 1:08 in shows Ferdinand Porsche and son Ferry. To the left of Ferry and not shown is Erwin Komenda, the man that designed the Beetle (it’s body shape), the 356 and was instrumental in designing the 911 (although, Ferry’s son, Butzi gets the credit for the 911). Butzi designed the 904. Arguably more beautiful than Komenda’s designs. However, no one on earth has designed more recognizable automobile forms than Komenda.

    It is worth a Google search on him if you are an auto buff,

  29. The ‘e’ pronounced in the German accent when saying Porsche is ‘soft’ and certainly not like ‘yank-speak’ of the name of this magnificent masterpiece of engineering excellence,,,,!!! And l repeat, it is not ‘porsha’ as pronounced in the advert,,,,!!!
    Still not convinced?,,, ask any true German to ‘say it’ for you,,,,!!!

  30. When engineering meets art and beauty. I have dreamt about owning a Porsche ever since I can remember… I am close now, I can almost see her in my garage…

  31. why is there black and white film of the 2012 911?

  32. Forget the little boys…Grown Up Girls Know The Equation…Quite Well.

  33. so what you are trying to say, that porche is not practical car?

  34. Porsche The Car Company The Makes All Your Dreams Come True

  35. @messuti big difference between designed and funished retard. It was designed in america so it is stil a piece of crap. I can barely understand your gibberish. LMAO WTF, where did you get nsx? I never said anything about that car dumbass. I am saying Porsche is better the chevy, and if you are going to argue that fact then you need toget some info. It is my fault I should of said the Panemera is faster in a straight line then the ZR1 which is pretty god dam amazing for a car weighs 4800lbs

  36. Problem is that many of the most unimaginative men in the world are the only people who are able to afford Porsches.

    So its a dreamer’s car for the dreamless people. Yeah, sad how this world works eh?

  37. @MarcoTUV Thank You for clarifying that! I was curious who those 13 thumbs downs could possibly be?! 🙂

  38. ill keep my m3

  39. 14 people use godamn shit honda

  40. @botafogao1 i would sell one of my kidney’s for a 993!

  41. ha. some Porsche owner if you don’t know that your car comes from Germany.. and yanks or not, the Germans always pronounce the ‘e’ at the end of any word.
    1999 white 996 carrera, full aero kit.

  42. that was by far the most touching and inspirational ad I’d ever seen.

  43. live in Hamburg right now and speak German. your YouTube name testifies against you, and you made my point anyways. either way, it’s not silent.

  44. you dont know jack about Porsche. they almost went bankrupt a few times, and they built an suv when they were booming to make money, to put it into their sports.what you think R&D is free make fun of those cars all you want. but the Cayenne was not built overnight. it had a 2 speed transfer case, for serious off roading, hummer H1 capibilities, air suspension which is so sophisticated I dont even have enough room to explain. dont feel bad I get the feeling you are a poser who like ferries

  45. in early 2000, i have only driven a Boxster, it drove so good and dreamed of what 911 could be like, 2009 I had a used 2005 911 Turbo and it was an amazing experience. I would trade my wife and kids over a 2012 911 (991)

  46. And how do you feel when you rent one?

  47. I would sell my dignity for a Carrera RS 1973 as once I have the RS, my dignity would have been restored, a thousand fold.

  48. What an awesome commercial.

  49. i love the 911 turbo i have a 1985 trubo its great car it also has 4 seats

  50. @trollmastertroll but your shit is modified and upgraded..porsche 911 is bone stock and plus they know what there doing..your not!

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