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  1. The R is just a Porsche novelty. Just put a manual in a gt3 already, take off the wing and you’ve got R that no-one can get due to scarcity.

  2. nice music, what is it please?

  3. more shitty music than engine sounds… thumbs down

  4. Isnt the GT4 mid engine’d? Than i prefer the GT4 becouse of the better handling. 🙂 Stunning car also.

  5. As good as the Cayman is, it will never surpass the mighty 911.

  6. Of note is that the 911R is nearly twice the price of the Cayman.

  7. I am really disappointed in the interior of the 911r. My 1982 911 has a much better interior!!!!!! Why not the old separated dials… This stupid computer like integration is working on my nerves. Old school engineering, clever engineering, not just ‘plastering’ with LED displays; so cheap!!!!!! prefer my old car, its doesn’t have the power, but it has a (beating and emotional rich heart). The outside is excellent but what a disappointment getting in the car (yes you can keep your radio……..). My Blaupunkt is doing fine but am I using it, not really (enjoy my old CD changer in the front…)

  8. 911R!

  9. 2:14 the engine ist cold !!! wtf

  10. NAIANA

  11. As a 997 C2s owner I really do like the GT4, but there is something very very special about the 911R. I guess I like the look of the 911 more than a Cayman. So with a 997 C2S with 6MT the GT4 is kind of a lateral move but without the looks and tradition of the 911, while the 911r has all of that but the performance of a GT3. So while Id rather have a 911R or even a 997 over a GT4, the GT4 still turns my head everytime I see one, which is rare for any cayman or boxster for me.

  12. Well Done !!!

  13. There is no comparison here. The 911 R is twice the sports car the GT4 is. This is ridiculous

  14. Good video.

  15. do away with the music ffs

  16. nice video but loose the friggin music

  17. super video,merci !

  18. Great vid! where were the mountain road clips shot?

  19. Fuck the PDK 911R Ill take the manual Caymen GT4 in a heartbeat, manual transmissions are for real drivers lol

  20. I can already see the next GT4 with the 3 lit turbo of the new 911 with a pdk…Mid engined track weapon!

  21. As Jason Camisa of Motor Trend has noted, the 911 is a very dated platform. A motor hanging out beyond the rear wheels is simply not a well engineered design. Yes, the body and the model number are iconic, but the car itself is fundamentally flawed. Plain and simple. The future of the marque is their mid engine lineup. Drive a 911 with all the drivers aides turned off, then do the same in the Caymen. Only then will you understand the truth. Or, stated another way, put a 500 hp motor the Cayman with the proper gear ratios and take them both to the track: game over 911…….

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