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  1. I don’t say this lightly, but this car is "perfection". Blown me away when it first came out couple of years ago, still seduces & fascinate me now. Though I would certainly pick a different colour combination.

  2. I love cars. I am obsessed with them. Old and new. I was born in Southern California and, in high school, I loved pulling my Volkswagen Beetle into the driveway to wash it on warm breezy day.

    Fast forward 15 years. I moved to NYC to be an artist. I am carless and it’s killing me. I feel stuck. Trapped on this island with no way out. Rental cars are not the answer. They are lifeless. My only respite is to spend countless hours researching and dreaming about cars through this inflexible glowing screen.

    From the Toyota Prius to the Rolls Royce Phantom, all cars are noble expressions of human engineering, ingenuity, and creativity. For me, however, there is one car that sits at the apex of all others.

    If I can own just one automobile in the world it would be a Porsche by Singer, specifically the 911 Targa. I do not say this flippantly. Yes, the 911 Targa is a masterpiece at the level of Michelangelo’s Pieta. It is rolling sculpture. Every curve, every detail is excruciatingly crafted. It is so beautiful that, upon a glance, Medusa herself would turn to stone.

    My hairs stand up on the back of my neck. My arms and legs go numb. My whole body trembles. I weep.

    In the end, I don’t know how I will ever be able to afford a Porsche by Singer. Yes, like the author of this video, if I could choose just one car to own and drive for the rest of my life, it would be a Porsche by Singer. Now my dream becomes my nightmare…

  3. Meaden’s last sentence then that last shot with the music gave me chills…

  4. For the absurdly rich who also happen to be 911 geeks, there’s nothing better than this. But for most people who will ever be able to afford a true high-performance car to begin with, the factory cars are very, very nice. I’d love to just have a new Carrera 4S but, alas…

  5. 911r is so expensive now I’d rather have one of these I think.

  6. It is a pity, it’s not a Porsche engine, which makes all the difference!

  7. What is the music from 4:00 ?

  8. It’s so sad that you’ll never be able to own your dream car.  That’s why I dream small and will always be able to afford a Chrysler minivan.

  9. Review the targa edition plz

  10. best car ever

  11. £450,000 for 4,000 hours work? That’s £112.50 per hour – cheaper than most London main dealers labour charge and that’s without parts! Seriously, this car is a work of art. See the /drive vid with Chris Harris and then make your mind up. As well as everything you can see, everything you can’t see is – wiring harness for example – made the best it can be. Of course it’s not the cheapest way to get from A to B, a regular 911 isn’t either, but it is one of the best ways in which to do it. Def on my lottery win list!

  12. My dream car, by a very long way. I didn’t know they were available RHD or even in the UK.

  13. Dream car! I so badly want a Singer!

  14. £450K and the owner has left it on an "H" plate and then made it look crap and illegal by putting pressed pre 1972 black and silver plates on it!!!! For £300 it would look great on any early 70’s J K L M N plate.

  15. dream must be realised

  16. en·thu·si·ast
    plural noun: enthusiasts
    a person who is highly interested in a particular activity or subject.
    "a sports car enthusiast"
    synonyms: fan, devotee, aficionado, lover, admirer, follower; More
    a person of intense and visionary Christian views.

    oh now i understand

  17. The madness that is Singer. Absolutely stunning….

  18. What a lovely car and what a surprising lovely video. It is really exciting to see a professional car journalist to be overwhelmed. In my opinion the car itself is just: a masterpiece. I will never be able to afford one, but would be great to have the chance to see one live.

  19. No comment??? wow, surprising… That’s a lot of money. Is it a regular 3.8 engine from the 991?

  20. EVO please put the link for the last song….!!!

  21. excellent !!!!

  22. Great car but really this is too much

  23. An exquisite car, and that closing shot – wow, stunning!

    And although I understand why Singer 911’s cost what they do (the design and development, the hours of labour, top notch components and materials, etc.), I do wonder if it is really worth paying so much more, over and above the cost of a ‘conventionally’ restomodded 911 – are they really that much better? And especially when the result is a product that the owner would probably be afraid to use too much.

    But then I guess those arguments could be applied to lots of things, and if Singer 911’s weren’t so expensive, so rare, then they wouldn’t be so special. Either way, I’m glad that they exist, glad that people are buying them, and just hope that the owners use them as much as possible.

    Beautiful car, cheers for the vid. guys.

  24. Stunning

  25. £450,000 is a con for a car of this age, i would rather buy the new 911. Atleast it has airbags.

  26. beautiful car… great video…

  27. So sad, someone buy this guy the Singer!

  28. Worth. Every. Penny my ass

  29. it’s wonderful but you can buy a carrera rs 2.7 for 420k€

  30. still trying to find out the background music…
    anyone has any ideas please?

  31. Shut up and take my money!! 😀

  32. i don’t doubt this car is a piece of an artwork , but still overpriced

  33. The exhaust sounds has the same tones my 997 gt3 does. First time I noticed that! #mezger

  34. Does every single singer car start out as a 964? Or do they build their own shells now? Surely the price of the product will fluctuate based on the initial cost on the shell. What happens when the supply of dodgey old 964 bodies runs out?

  35. anyone knows the song playing at 5:28?

  36. beautiful car but $400,000+? not worth it to me. $120,000 maybe but over 400? nope.

  37. Its a great looking car, and im sure its a blast to drive. However the price? really? fun to price ratio not really there.

  38. i love it, i jus do..and then some

  39. comments that say you can buy 2 or 3 of these instead of the singer miss the point those cars are good this is a masterpiece and by the way will only appreciate in value i think

  40. If Ferrari made a Porsche. Chris Harris video is really interesting. Great vide Evo.

  41. pffh britz are so boring as commentators
    dont you have some lateno who can speak English ?o….p

  42. What`s with the "weird" licence plates? I know what UK plates look like and this beeing a 964 it`s not a "classic vehicle" or anything like that so why the white on black plates? Anyone?

  43. +Evo whats the song at the end. everyone is dying to find out.

  44. The guy clearly loves his 911s and I get everything he says about the car being bits and pieces of the best 911 imaginable. Yes, Porsche makes great cars even now, but there’s something visceral and emotional about air cooled engines in the early cars. The Singer 911 amps up all the good things about the 964 and leaves out the bad, like snap-oversteer handling and leaky engines. Worth every penny, I’d say.

  45. Does anyone know which road this is and where?

  46. 450,000 and a subaru sti will walk it

  47. probably runs like a sewing machine

  48. Lovely car, would be great if the reviewer had even an ounce of enthusiasm to reflect that.

  49. My god what a wonderful thing it is. But the price is just so far out of reach for most of us. I’m joyful and sad at the same time.

  50. beautiful

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