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  1. The reason this car seems massively quicker than the rest of the field at the start is obviously because its on wet tyres and the rest of the field is on slicks. Scroll to 29 minutes when said wet tyres have burnt out and then see what happens. Not taking anything away from the car or drivers, obviously a great setup, but the supposed massive advantage was just down to the different strategy by the looks of things.

  2. cheat mode….activated !

  3. would you daily a car like this for 1 month for $1000 bucks?

  4. Dam this 911 has insane drive off the corners even in the rain, hardly any steering correction

  5. I’d be really pissed if I were racing against that car, definitely doesn’t seem like a fair competition haha. Great vid and great driving tho, cheers

  6. Vidéo is fucked up at 37 min…. 🙁
    Anyway… looks like easy race for him

  7. this is a gt3 rs guys, the 911 RSR WILL DEBUT IN THE 24 HOURS ROLEX AT DAYTONA THE 28 AND 29 OF JAN 2017, BTW IS NOT TURBO

  8. If you crash do you get to respawn? He is using a cheat code for sure.

  9. love how he just craps on that mclaren

  10. Shitted on EVERY one EARLY

  11. He had it… the. He lost it. Bad ass car though

  12. what type of 911 is this?

  13. I love the patience of the professional drivers when I watch videos like this; they know when to back off, wait and then cease the opportunity. Such a shame that idiots on the road cannot abide to the same.

  14. I’m sorry to disapoint you guys but indeed this car is turbocharged. Everytime he lift off the gas pedal too fast there is a woosh (a sound of the relief valve). Greets from brazil you fuckers!

  15. You drive like a child.

  16. not the 911 RSR or the gt3 rs both are N.A., the gts rs is the turbo one

  17. Not overly difficult if you have very deep pockets…

  18. the straight line speed is terrifying

  19. Je veux faire ça plus tard <3

  20. which series is this? and why this porsche is so faster than others cars?

  21. Love the transmission whine

  22. McLaren >porsche

  23. sorry GT2 RS is the turbo

  24. Bi turbo and only 700HPs??

  25. Could be a custom build RSR with turbo? But I dont hear turbo sounds…… this car is too fast for this race……..

  26. This is a turbocharged car. You can never usually hear turbos over the very loud sequential gearbox in race cars. And no i won’t look at the "Porsche homepage". This car has been modified.

  27. pretty sure this is turbo… screw all the whining noises… the boost kicks in around 5000 rpm… a normally aspirated engine doesn’t accelerate like that close to redline… and you can hear it dump if he comes off full throttle between 5k and 7k rpm… keep in mind that the gear change is so quick that the engine is basically permanently in boost until you close the throttle completely…

  28. cool but tires wear out quickly and therefore less consomation also benefit.

  29. WTF!
    Video stop @ 36:24 🙁

  30. the sound is not TURBO engine but Normal atmosferic CUP engine 3.6 or 3.8 or 4.0.     700 hp in the rain, the music is different.

  31. This gearbox has a really bad sound is it a VW ?

  32. So, is it a GT3 RSR or a 911 turbo ? Because the first one has no turbo.

  33. whats the best lap time !?02 43!? How fast is the one :1 to do 02 32 ? does anyone have the Mclarens lap time please !?

  34. bi turbo? are you idiot?

  35. those sounds……. love every second of them.

  36. The GT3 cup/RSR/etc don’t come in turbo, as far as I know. HP is around 460. Maybe people are hearing the straight cut gears(like reverse on your car) on the sequential transmission, and think it’s a turbo.

  37. fun!!!
    visit me friends!!SUBB4SUBB!!GOgoGO!!! 🙂

  38. 996 or 997?

  39. Not turbo at all.  Straight cut gears.  Sounds like every other gt3 rsr ever.

  40. What’s the high pitched whirring noise coming from the car everytime the throttle is applied? I always here it in most racing car videos but can’t quite figure it out..

  41. BI TURBO means it has two turbos?

  42. Ai eu piloto de boa

  43. this is like a test session for this guy…what competition lol

  44. Idle at 2,000 rpm

  45. Le top de la conduite !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Driver toO slow…..

  47. rear engined 911’s platforms are just outdated. the only way to go for racing is mid engine platforms. look at those 458’s and how planted they are to the ground around corners.

  48. 5:20 why is the engine jumping like that? rpm too low?

  49. Speedo is way off! You can tell by the environment outside the car.

  50. That whining sound is the gearbox not the turbos. It’s a straight-cut gearbox and the sound is the gear heads rubbing together.

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