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Rebecca Jackson reviews the new Porsche 911 Targa 4, a sports car that combines retro styling with very modern levels of performance. But is it the best 911 for you?

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Porsche 911 review on Telegraph Cars

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  1. Doesn’t she race Porsches hardly going to say anything other than a positive review

  2. Targa and that beautiful woman are enough for me

  3. yayy youre reviewing again!

  4. If I had the choice, I would get the chick rather than the car.

  5. This is why I need a British wife.

  6. Gorgeous car and an equally gorgeous presenter.  (I am a gay man).

  7. Her voice is so fucking sexy!

  8. the roof almost got caught with your silly golf clubs, that would of been an expensive mistake..

  9. Amazing o/

  10. Rebecca 10/10

  11. this is by far my favorite Porsche. The cool factor is just ridiculously high! yes, I will take mine as shown with the exception of Metallic Blue in lieu of the yellow..

  12. Subbed just cuz she asked.

  13. Telegraph cars are gonna get subscribers ONLY because of REBECCA ❤️❤️

  14. I really prefer the Targa 4S… put a PDK and just drive on the best roads… (Manual lovers don’t hate… 🙂 )

  15. For all of it’s fun to drive chops, it still looks like a squashed, ugly VW Beetle. Like imagine this car looking like literally any of it’s sports car competition. 

  16. over-engineered junk. an extra £25,000 and 200 kg just to remove a piece of cloth roofing. is it so hard to just have two clips and remove it by hand and stow it away into the boot? if i am paying over £100,000 for a car i also expect it to have ceramic brakes which the targa does not have as standard. and why would i buy a car that costs more than a 911 coupe and is slower. and when you put the roof back up it stinks thanks to being stored ontop of the engine. no wonder 911 sales have dropped over the years

  17. car is the same colour as her bananas

  18. £98,000 and you have to move the darn seats yourself?  C’mon, Porsche, get real..

  19. Top Gear needs to hire her 🙂 Clarkson couldn’t concentrate.. lol

  20. Koo Pay?  Huh?

  21. The Targe4 is by far the most GT like 911, is very forgiving and usable as a daily driver year round. And the Clubs are no problem if you fold down the rear seats and leave the top up on the way to the club.

  22. 5 foot 4 1/2 inches of lightweight high performance.

  23. Why porsche make this beautiful car and make the cayman so ugly? what the hell?

  24. Man she is pretty, beautiful voice and presentation! Well done little lady! 🙂

  25. I agree Rebecca, great car and great review.

  26. how much for the girl??

  27. she’s cool, reminds me of the one from fifth gear… anyways which region of England is this accent from?.. curious, anyone?

  28. Will buy one soon ..

  29. 1) While I love Porsches,….that is the ugliest shade of Yellow I have ever seen. 2)Did she really say affordability in describing the Porsche?

  30. Need to lose the dame and the accent.

  31. she is soooo sexy

  32. I would score only 5 on practicality

  33. Rebecca, quit this BS and get your ass back to Carbuyer.  Don’t think we’ve forgotten what you did…

  34. I usually hate porsche’s they all look identical but this does it for me by far the best looking porsche 911 to date if money was no option ide have this over a 918

  35. Very sporty and more space than I thought. It’s interesting to note that the Porsche car has kept a similar look throughout the decades. I wouldn’t go as high as 7 out of 10 for affordability, but I agree with the other scores you gave. 

  36. The roof’s a bit wanky. Driver’s probably too busy eating prawn sandwiches to manually remove panles or canvas.

  37. I hate kitchens when they review cars, but i like this girl.. Subscribed!!!

  38. Rebecca! and a 911…nice

  39. As she races on Boxster, Rebecca should review all the porsches

  40. How much Rebecca??

  41. 1:45 the steering wheel looks like a huge dinner plate to her.

  42. I still prefer 997 models…
    one of the biggest issue i have with this last generation is that the cockpit is designed for PDK and the proper manual is quite "buss-like" which look ugly and uncomfortable for casual driving (probably 90% of driving)

  43. 1:04 best video @YT

  44. You cant judge a Porsche by how much space it has. Furthermore only a few people will care about the price tag because seither ypu have enough money so you dont have to care or there is not enough money and you can only dream of this car

  45. So hot. Car’s not bad either.

  46. I subscribed for Rebecca.

  47. Really. How many people who are looking to buy a Porsche will watch this before deciding. Space and value for money aren’t your standard criteria for Porsche buyers.

  48. ahh, the roof folding too slow

  49. Very 70ies paintjob.

  50. Porsche Targa is glorious! 

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