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  1. i dont think this is porsche…

  2. Manual gearbox ?

  3. は、はええw

  4. was ist das für eine warnung die bei 350 kmh kommt ? lg

  5. huston we have a liftoff awesome 911 all the way etlease whit some 66/88 mm turbo 😀

  6. Wow I hate that car I would have an F10 M5

  7. that was savage…

  8. Fährt auf Prüfstand…

  9. So it reached it’s speed limiter lol

  10. 0-300 in 16 seg. in stock porsche??????????????

  11. this is fast…

  12. ruf rt12

  13. It is tuned machine . Nice stock!

  14. got boost?

  15. nice nickname

  16. wow

  17. Nissan GT-R is a joke

  18. 200 – 300 = 7s ????!!!!!    Fake

  19. Welcome in german experience 🙂 

  20. japan is best cars on earth

  21. To all the haters… Sonic 800R is actually also a fancy name for a heavily tuned car. E.g. AMS Alpha Omega, Superleggera

  22. 17 sec 0 a 300

  23. A definite Porsche (and real; not video game).
    Definitely not stock: This is not 500hp level of acceleration.

  24. My Citroen C3 goes faster than this car


  26. This video is not fake or a joke
    This is not stock that porsche is very fast bcs its the porsche 911 turbo sonic 800r that beast have just 800hp !! ❤️ love germany ❤️

  27. 0-200 <7s… dyno much? ;D

  28. lmao video game

  29. Love the car, but you lie , that’s not 358 km/h . Dislike

  30. So faste

  31. unlimited….omg love porsche.

  32. Hmm, pretty good. But nothing against a dragula.

  33. Sounds like an old Nissan RB…

  34. Awesome car I like booster s though this is way more powerful

  35. 何の警告音??

  36. There is NO WAY THIS IS STOCK

  37. your car need oil dude don’t ya see?

  38. must be tuned… 0-100kmh needs 3.5s but 0-160kmh as fast at a 991.2 turbo S..

  39. Holy shit 400kph speedo lol

  40. At 354 km/h a tire went a bit flat on a Porsche? It doesn’t look like the good quality…

  41. tacchimetro manomesso

  42. Wow ! No limit- exept pip pip pip.

  43. 33,1 seconds

  44. Stock?

  45. Was this a tire pressure warning at top speed ?

  46. goddamn thats insanely fast, I bet it can give you multiple orgasms on the highway

  47. 1250hp ++

  48. Jajajaja…..Made in Germany…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Looking at this today, it even beats my new Porsche Turbo 😀 its definitely not stock, but still awesome

  50. (!) = ?

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