Porsche 911 Turbo Aerodynamics: Best of All Worlds

For the first time at Porsche, active aerodynamics are being used in the new 911 Turbo models as a combination of a multi-stage, adjustable front spoiler and rear wing. Look at the breathtaking results in this video. More information on http://www.porsche.com/turbo
*Combined fuel consumption in accordance with EU 5: 9.7l /100 km; CO2-emission: 227g/km

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  1. Volunteer test driver where do I sign

  2. BUY!!!!!!!!

  3. GOD himself must be a Porsche fan !

  4. Absolutely wonderful animations! Who can we contact to have similar work done, or is it all in-house at Porsche?

  5. The only wish I have in this life is to have such a magnifique and beautiful car. It’s breathtaking <3

  6. "only the porsche 911 turbo look like this" …hmm Can you imagine how Jeremy Clarkson probabily screaming watching this video: they are all the same 🙂

  7. Porsche. Mechanical perfection.


  9. Fantastic video! I was wondering though, does the new Turbo come with rear wheel steering like the GT3?

  10. Can you imagine how Jeremy Clarkson probabily screaming watching this video: they are all the same 🙂

  11. Please tell me about the aerodynamics of the new 928.

  12. Awesom good job porsche

  13. stupenda

  14. The more you learn the more you want it!!

  15. Dream

  16. Perfect!! nothing more to say

  17. Just ordered my ‘custom’ designed 911 Turbo S from the local dealer, due back here from the factory in March 2014.  Very excited!

  18. Those little "gadgets" make a Porsche a Porsche!

  19. Porsche is the best ever

  20. Omg, so please tell me whats so NEW about it

  21. Ich love Porsche and espacally the 911. I hope that i can sometime buy one, but I think i am on a good way 😀

  22. I wonder why no other car manufacturer has thought of the extendable front spoiler.. Chapeau!

  23. Oida verwoita

  24. Fantastic! The new 991 Turbo is simply amazing!

  25. It’s unbelievable how the 911 turbo just keeps getting sexier , faster and more functional with every generation.

  26. that’s why the Porsche 911 have a beautiful body

  27. awesome, way to go porsche!

    although there is one thing buzzed me up, earlier in highway mode u said that the front splitter goes upward and produces lower drag hence resulting lower fuel consumption..on the contrary the rear spoiler rise about 20mm and produces higher downforce(albeit more drag, compensating the "lower fuel consumption" advantage before.. ) any further explanation about this one?

  28. Informative, but massively over dramatic! This guy would be better doing voice overs on nature programs. 5 out of 10 Porsche, must do better online productions.

  29. <3

  30. Beautiful car

  31. Wow! We love this car!

  32. Damn Germans did it again

  33. Why do you refuse to put Porsche cars in Gran Turismo?
    Please consider having at least one 911 in Gran Turismo 6 for those who can’t even afford a Boxster.

  34. omg wie geil *__*

  35. Engineering perfection.

  36. No words, just… Wooow!!

  37. It’s done by the munich 3d realization firm RTT AG

  38. Who is the doing the voice over? All Porsche video’s are narrated by the same person.

  39. Nice car, nothing to complain about that, but this video is overdone. Its not the "Best of all Worlds". 150kg of Downforce is nothing at topspeed. The idea with the front lip is very cool, but realy, the Turbo S is not a race car, its a sports car.
    "The airflow as optimized as on a Porsche 911". The aerodynamics of the 911 design is not that great…
    Porsche, dont over play your cars. They are great, but describe them the was they are!

    – A 997 driver

  40. fantastic!

  41. i hate the looks of Porsche. sorry!!

  42. Porsche, if you are going to stick with the PDK, can we at least get rid of the hideous center console stick?

  43. Astonishing! Porsche I like you so much!

  44. apik tenan

  45. all people has to do now is buy one and raise enough revenue for porsche to give me 911 turbo as a gift
    thanks in advance

  46. Porsche 911 Turbo s is God among men. That is all.

  47. Because engineering.

  48. That’s what the "REAL" F1 need

  49. Did the ending say it gives it 2 seconds on the Nuerburgring? As in the nordschliefe? That’s not much time at all (and it would be hard to measure).

    Also, the sign for the track at the 2:20 mark looks very different.

  50. LOVE!

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