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2010 Porsche 911 Turbo First Drive Video
2010 Porsche Turbo @ 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show (IAA):

2007 Porsche Turbo First Drive: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kK8n05qmhAM
“No! You did it again. Never let the car roll.” That’s what Mike den Tandt, my 20-something German instrukteur, said as we caught the tail of the 2010 Porsche 911 Turbo with much more than a dab of opposite lock.

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  1. @winner3570 The "new" Viper’s a Ferrari. You win.

  2. @Nikolai940 I’m just saying I would save up for a Porsche. I think nissans are ugly. That is my opinion. I believe a car is mostly how it looks. That’s just what I think 😉

  3. The S is one to have.

  4. Gtr = cobalt crap

  5. Ok for all you idiots complaining about not haveing a manual transmission they are not driving one because its just not as fast as the automatic PDK,when will u manual idiots get it in a porsche u want speed and stupid fast,and a standard manual sorry cannot give you that,the porsche people are not dumb they know that an automatic PDK is simply untouchable.

  6. The worsest about that cars like the viper( cheap and much power) are the teenie fanboys that think they are the kings of the world because they like an cheap car

  7. German cars are garbage. Too many things go wrong and too costly to maintain.

  8. it is not a true manual! therefore doesnt have that real sports car feel… period. you prolly never driven a standard exotic before asswipe.

  9. Oh yeah, the illuminati, satan worshiping nation presented her with this after she did their bidding.

  10. The 2012 911 Turbo hits 60 in 2.6 seconds. The 2013 Turbo (991) will be a monster.

  11. hot hot hot.

  12. haha, silly buttons… whoever thought that was a good idea should be sent to prison…

  13. Cant wait for the 991Turbo

  14. @xRavenHD German Car: Opel, Bad Car: Ferrari 430… Yepp agreed! 😛

  15. @botobotoboto and what does it mean that its a NISSAN? everybody is talking about cars he will never get. so would you throw a NISSAN away if it would be for free?

  16. @fiazstang lol cmon guy relax

  17. nissan gtr 2.7 2013 2012 2.8 2009 3.5

  18. esse som de turbina do 911 turbo é dmais!

  19. Nice car minus the automatic

  20. Automatic PDK is simply the fastest production transmission there is out there, manual may be fun but in a porsche you don;t just want fun you want some serious speed,manual simply cannot touch the PDK automatic transmission



  22. The 2013 and 2012 GT-R does 0-60 in under 3 seconds stock. Edmunds is wrong that the 911TT is faster.

  23. someone needs to take this dude, stick him infront of a t.v set and make him watch a couple of episodes of top gear, or even fifth gear for that matter… how could you possibly speak this way when you’re testing a porsche??? goddamn..

  24. I have had 4 911s, one TT, Two Gt3s and the new Carrera S PDK. Its as fast as anyother 911 I have had. The Turbo with a PDK would be cool but the C2S is as much car as anyone needs.
    I am buying a Turbo next year.

  25. @winner3570
    Seriously? So can a prius if you continue dreaming..

  26. oh and my cousin has this exact model stick shift and its awesome!

  27. @docmarc36 He love George clooney and Mark walhberg.

  28. @71saim.. that’s called a turbocharged car

  29. 2013 Turbo will be a piece of art with over 550hp…..

  30. my uncle has a turbo s

  31. porsche is so fucking awesome dude

  32. @winner3570 The new Porsche would fuck the "new" Viper in its ugly ass.

  33. this editor is dip shit , he sounds like a nerd piece of shit

  34. @xRavenHD HAHAHA tru dat

  35. When is the 991 Turbo gonna go out!!?? Can’t wait to see how it gets on with the Nissan GT-R


  37. best car ever !

  38. @xRavenHD 100% agree

  39. Love it

  40. I like the silver ,too

  41. wtf i want that beast. .

  42. the automatic makes it the second fastest 0-60 mass production car in the world.

  43. @guggyp I have the Turbo PDK, PTV and Sport Chrono, the car is a beast, Ill wait for the 991 Turbo.

    You have a very nice collection of 911 🙂

  44. Estoril is more like in the center of the country, Algarve is the south. But I forgive you because it’s a 911 Turbo video 😀

  45. @xRavenHD SOOOOO TRUE 😀

  46. I want this car now.

  47. My uncle has this car

  48. why doesn’t he have a manual transmission?

  49. HAHAHA, that Porsche looks so silly on the track. Why would make something so ugly go so fast? Its like smearing a diamond in fresh turd.

  50. 4!

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