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  1. great vid, that’s a breeze!

  2. Interesting but I think 99.98 % of 911 Turbo owners won`t do an oil changen themselves,,most of them hard pick up fuel themselves

  3. Nice job though…thanks for the post.

  4. Thanks for the info, you just saved me at least $200bucks!, Nice video

  5. Great video. Why do you have to unscrew twice at the bottom? Didn’t the first time drained the oil?

  6. Ooohh, engines in the back. Would’ve never known.

  7. I have a 996 and just thought I’d watch. Very nice video and thanks for posting.

  8. If the Engine oil level drops (check engine oil), is it advisable to just top it up?
    The service is still not due

  9. Why not remove oil filler cap to help draining?

  10. I’m guessing the oil bucket overflowed lol

  11. hey Brandon, do you know how to change the engine oil in a Ferrari California 2010 and which oil to use? tks and nice job!

  12. Great video. Did you also drain the bladders near each of the turbos?

  13. how do you reset the computer?

  14. nice video..but having a the car at that angle with ramps will cause some of the old oil still in the engine..

  15. Hey Brandon, I have a 996 RTurbo…there are 2 additional Alan bolts on either side of the crankcase that are use to plug small bladders that have oil in them as well…i think they are sumps for the turbos. Does this not exist on the 997?

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