Porsche 911 Turbo S Chrono 2015 Test Drive: Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. My last tip, look for another job

  2. This journalist is a bloody moron, he knows SHIT about cars. And the gloves!!!!! Rather stay home and spank your monkey while wearing those gloves

  3. Can someone inform me how this 2015 Turbo S has those Button shifters for PDK? I thought those were completely axed for 991 Porsches?

  4. He can’t even spell PORSCHE.

  5. Forgot to take off his gloves after washing the dishes.

  6. I was out when I saw the gloves

  7. with those gloves he looks like he is going to do the dishes lol – no hate bro its just funny

  8. Nice gloves. After the test drive, you can get to work on the dishes.

  9. this car is so awesome

  10. Turbo and turbo plus !!!

  11. why are you wearing marigolds are you going to do the washing up or are the the valet and nicked the car for this vid

  12. Mate the gloves make you look like a CUNT

  13. Dude the car is ridiculous I love ever year 911 but those gloves dude…….come on dude!!!!!!

  14. I love Porsche but they should have done better with the engine sound……. Oh and ditch the yellow gloves….. Driving gloves should be in classic black or brown

  15. LOL… yellow gloves ???? LOL

  16. Love the gloves and you did a fantastic job in going over the features of the 911 turbo s. I have never seen this car shown in such detail. Felt like I was in the right seat myself enjoying the ride.

  17. 485 people cannot stand a black man driving a Porsche 911

  18. please take the mic out of your pocket.

  19. awesome !!✌👌☝💖

  20. thank you for the review, been looking for a complete review of this vehicle.

  21. Fantastic Review…

  22. The speed of the turbo S makes grown men cry.

  23. Somebody teach this guy how to upshift. Wonder what his credentials are to score a ride in that.

  24. While reading these comments everyone was hating on the gloves and I had to wait like 10min till I actually saw them. They look like bananas

  25. he is NOT qualified to do a review on a battery operated kiddy car

  26. The Gloves are fantastic!!!!!!!! for those that don’t know, those are driving gloves.

  27. Yes, good move wearing the gloves so you don’t leave finger prints after stealing a new Porsche and little fact that also comes in handy when wearing leather gloves…soak them in your wife’s blood then just a simply wash off with soap and water and bam they’ll never fit again! And its a little known fact that if you go before a judge & jury and prosecution gets you to try them on, but now they won’t fit you….. you immediately get acquitted cause they can’t prove shit mofucka!!!! Now get back to pounded them fat ass white girls in their daddies Porsche’s while you ask them to front you rent money until your 49rs signing bonus comes through.

  28. I love this car!!!

  29. tnx for good vid…,I must ask you…are you scared when press the trothle hard?:)..cherrs!

  30. tbh this guy doesn’t know much about cars. the spoiler is for downforce not drift lol.


  32. 200K? The construction costs for that car are about 75K, so do the math.

  33. Wow I have never seen a guy who knows less about a car he is reviewing than this guy!
    He told you nothing the online Porsche site can’t.
    What the hell is SPORTS PLUS? Its SPORT PLUS!

  34. Yellow driving gloves? Maybe in Jamaica man, but not on the Mass. Turnpike in the People’s Republick.

  35. This guy has no clue how to operate a super car.

  36. that silly stop watch in the middle of the dash is worse than the glove’s. you will be ever explaining to people what it is. so unnecessary on a road car.

  37. Not a very good review. Better leave it to the professionals.

  38. Your next review will be The New City Bus, keep the gloves on and put on your ghetto chain. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……………

  39. Great review! Keep up the good work. Such a sweet car

  40. This video is about a car, u racist cowards that don’t even talk loud in public.. But get tough on YouTube love showing how your mother’s should have swallowed.

  41. Just a tip. Before you do a test on a Porsche … learn how to pronounce PORSCHE the German way.

  42. This is exactly the type of car where you can do the basic maintenance yourself, actually it is one of the Porsche qualities, is that it is fairly easy to do it.

    P.S. I never saw that wheel (carrera?) on any turbo or turbo S, what is it? Where are the paddles? Is it a option? That is really weird.

  43. Ha hagloves !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. this guy is Horrible. .. The gloves aren’t helping either. I could see if the wheel was Alcantara and the owner didn’t want his nasty sweaty hands all over it but, it’s not. I’ll never understand…..

  45. Yellow gloves O.O Wow lol

  46. driving gloves??? really???? give me a break at least get a pair that fit.

  47. WTF.Africa gloves.

  48. Another tip, throw those stupid gloves in the bin

  49. Omg all i see is dishwasher gloves! Haha

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