Porsche 911 Turbo S | evo LEADERBOARD

evo’s Jethro Bovingdon take the Porsche 991 Turbo S to Anglesey circuit to put the 552bhp 911 against the clock and earn its place on the evo Leaderboard. Will it beat the Nissan GT-R? Can it topple the mighty Ferrari 458 Speciale?

To read the full article, click the link: http://www.evo.co.uk/porsche/911-turbo/15827/evo-leaderboard-porsche-911-turbo-s-quicker-than-a-ferrari

Watch Ferrari 458 Speciale on track at Anglesey: https://youtu.be/hQmmJXm2hCA
Watch McLaren P1 vs Porsche 918 Spyder: https://youtu.be/IiyyO7vrdiI

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  1. one car for the rest of time?? turbo s

  2. Is something wrong with video, why steering wheel on the right side? Very stupid!

  3. Just remember 911 turbo’s can’t melt steel beams.

  4. So Porsche made the 918 obsolete already?What’s the point in getting a 918?Way to go Porsche Many 918 owners will not be pleased

  5. i love the center fov video, not the im on the ground bumper view

  6. where is Jethro? 🙁

  7. Zuffenhausen rules, Turbo S for life. The only supercar that you’ll ever need.

  8. I can’t help but laugh at the Ferrari ‘Speciale’. :-))) A true track day car which is lighter and has more power then the Turbo S, which is a puppy dog car, a GT-car, and does everything you want, quietly, no fuss, and when you ask it to go to a track and humiliate a Speciale, it just does so, no problem. Yes sir. Do you want to drive to Spain now? Sure, I’m ready. Then it it takes you home in supreme comfort. Never shouting about anything.

    Remarkable car. A car for those who know cars. And can afford it of course. And, if you are very childish, at the traffic lights, it will even beat cars like the P1 or the LaFerrari. All the way up to 62 mph.

    My kind of beetle. 😉

  9. I now know why there’s no gt2, it could beat the 918…

  10. Ultimate car.Just put my Zr1 for sale and this is the next one.Just waiting to get a deal on a slightly used one.

  11. Beast….

  12. Already biting the heels of the 918 spyder lap time and at a much affordable price!
    I bet the 991 gt2 will make the 918 spyder irrelevant… specially after draining the batteries

  13. A true legend!

  14. in reality no one’s gonna go more then 100mph on public roads and if you do it won’t be very often.0-100 in 6.2 that’s quicker then a mclaren f1 lol

  15. Bring the 488 and the LaFerrari then we’ll see whats what.

  16. Is there a car beyond this in desirability? The Aston Martin Vanquish has always had a special place in my heart <3 hahaha but this is the only car that I think could go beyond it. It has the history, personality, and engineering precision that go beyond almost any other car ever made… truly a masterpiece! I think this model 911 turbo s will be a very significant car for me … for the rest of my life.

  17. as far as I am concerned a Porsche is what you enter your house through its still got its engine in it’s IU wrong position

  18. The reality is the differences between the cars on track is within mere tenths of a second. 🙂 Or rathe 100t’s of a second. They are 1.1x. What does this mean in the real world driven on city streets and country roads? 🙂

  19. Seems to me like a car you should own if you like hassle free speed

    Turbo s is my kind of car

  20. i rode in one yesterday . insanely fast ans fun.

  21. This car with the GT3s sound and I’ll buy one immediately.
    Oh wait, I’m poor.

  22. Call me for Turbo S

  23. best review of the best car ever

  24. I love this Porsche

  25. Jethro!! throw some race compound on that thing and run it again. Bet it beats the 918. Oh and put a better driver in the car too……….

  26. the fact that it beat the speciale is a surprise! epic car, wonder if there is a GT2 coming???

  27. 6.2 to a ton puts it about a second shy of a s1000rr, and quicker to 60. thats rather insane and a measure of how these new cars do the numbers. that said my old s1000rr would simply leave ut in a drag after 100 as the bike would just by going into second gear and be able to use the full beans but still that 100 time is mighty

  28. Jesus

  29. ferrari 458 speciale fans disliked this video ;D

  30. I’ve seen couple of reviews with this exact car plates 911 HUL, is it a gimmick or is this the only turbo s available for journalists in the UK?

  31. The 458 speciale ruined all other cars for Jethro Bovingdon

  32. If I could choose any car, and I wasn’t ever allowed to sell it, I’d take this one.

  33. R.I.P GT-R

  34. I’m not surprised the Turbo S took it, that’s what engineering ends you up with. What people forget here is philosophy.
    Porsche has always been about usability and seemless performance which impresses the brain, but not the heart.
    Ferrari however, takes engineering seriously to a certain degree. A car should also be fun, beautiful and passionate. In this respect, the Ferrari affects the heart as well.
    For those 5 tenths of a second it’s okay with me if the Turbo S is quicker, i’d be happy to give up that time in exchange for something truly special. When it comes to true sportscar love; Italians –> Germans

  35. supreme machine

  36. I trust this car reviewer.

  37. and yet it comes with flappy paddles instead of a real gearbox. porsche, what have you become?

  38. Great car! Porsche has done it again!!

  39. That Bovingdon dude is a seriously good driver.

  40. Dream.

  41. How is the Porsche Launch control so good?

  42. sack your sound guy or buy a better lapel mic

  43. Imagine a turbo s targa , that would be heavenly

  44. Best 911 Turbo S review hands down!

  45. As a daily driver of the turbo, I can say this thing is absolutely the best super sport car I enjoy driving. I’ve driven it in very wet streets, rough roads, traffic and always gives me what I’d expect from it without a single issue. Hands down, and hey you want to race its always ready and wont let you down regardless of the other car or driver.

  46. This is also hands down the best daily driver from that list….What a car!

  47. I don’t know why everybody is so surprised. It’s been clear this car has been the fastest non hyper car in the world since the day it was launched. You guys need to watch some more youtube videos.

  48. Porsche is just remarkable. They’re owning the racing circuit in LMP1, GTLM, and GTE Pro. Their pre-race preparation is supremely organized and readied second to none. It’s just remarkable how perfect they are from top to bottom. No wonder the 911 Turbo’s are nearly perfect. So impressive.

  49. Amazing !!!

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