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  1. fkn funny, nice1

  2. I think the passenger farted at 1:32

  3. ‘kin mental. Nice one

  4. Awesome machine

  5. How did you get a chance to drive it?

  6. glad you didn’t hit a plane rofl ; )

  7. looks like the begining of a tragic deadly car crash…

  8. Epic mate! I loved the passengers launch control face ha 🙂

  9. hahaha

  10. Two typical British queers.

  11. just get closer to the stering, belive me its going to make your life easier 😉 and you would look more like you knew what you were doing….

  12. This flaming Brit can’t drive at all haha if it weren’t for that brilliant Porsche engineering he would have crashed in that first corner 100%.

  13. Dunno what it is, but made me smile seeing two lads smiling like big kids 🙂

  14. The guy seems very amateur, noticing the shape of his mouth while turning.

  15. The passenger was really having a great time. I have never seen anyone so excited and grinning from ear to ear like that.

  16. Ffffuccckkk! Great video it looks like you had fun

  17. 1:55 the best part of the video, then the launch. Amazing the air field let them do this, set up a track near planes.

  18. @cheshire gent you almost lost control at 1:58 and you got scared? be honest.

  19. fuck ya’ll are attractive XD

  20. skip to the "Launch " 2:11

  21. Fuck the haters you guys are awesome👍


  23. Where is this?

  24. The look on the passenger’s face. Epic

  25. these guys sucked each others dicks right after they made this video

  26. These guys are definitely gay.

  27. 2 x 💩

  28. turbo s is an underrated beast lol

  29. i m sure that these guys do not even know what driving means.

  30. Ну и улыбка у пассажира, как котяра обкуренный )))

  31. Great car. Video shows how damn quick those Turbo S’s are. Looks like you guys had fun. Good job.

  32. Awesome mate. [email protected] haters!

  33. bad driver

  34. Really??

  35. Are you gay?

  36. Amateur drivers

  37. Wish I could hear this baby’s exhaust

  38. nice 🙂

  39. love the car, awesome video, don’t listen to the idiots.

  40. this is what it’s all about.. enjoying the car.. no one was born walking, we all had to learn… yeah we take some miscalculated risks, but that’s life.. i’d do the exact same thing if i got my hands on a turbo S.. i do it every day in my Subaru’s anyway..

  41. hahahahahaha

  42. Two gays. Two fucking gays…

  43. This is amazing , this video is about how fast of a takeoff this car has and the video is specifically showing that. In fact, this video shows the power of takeoff in this car better than other vides I have seen U people have no fucking manners and all u do, nag about these two guys having fun obviously in a ace track. I can’t believe how many of u assholes called them faggot cz they racing . Wtf wrong with u people. And some asshole ignorant makes a comment about insurance rates increasing. How stupid is that comment. It’s not about the comment but about how many stupid mfs we have to live with. I mean this is a motherfucking video on a fucking ace track u MF If they don’t go fast there how can they show the speed and where the fuck would they????? It’s about to show how fast the car is. Wtf u suckers are so fucking stupid????? Two bodies having fun racing on a race track and how many motherfuckers make fucking ignorant comments ????

  44. Bad,bad,bad,bad driver, really bad!!!!

  45. Horrible driver, almost killed them……spinning a 911 at those speeds almost always puts you on the roof!!!

  46. It`s people just like these 2 idiot`s force insurence companies to charge huge prices for sport`s car insurence . get a life dick heads

  47. at 1.58  you can see that the driver is scared he almost loses it completely   the passenger is so scared he grabs the drivers arm     Note to passenger  never grab the drivers arm    Ever       any good driver knows that  lol

  48. You guys just fly around in those seats. Skinny bitches. 

  49. I love this video. The face as the car accelerates is priceless 🙂

  50. Bad driver , but awesome video… so funny.
    be careful next time man.

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