Porsche 911 Turbo S vs Nissan GT-R (2014) CAR video review

The Porsche 911 Turbo has returned to fight the all-conquering Godzilla. CAR pits the GT-R against the formidable new 911 turbo S, which packs all-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, and 552bhp from its twin-turbo flat six.

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  1. after the video the porsche just drove off while the gtr was brought to the next car workshop ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Again, I don’t get why compare GT-R premium to 911 Turbo S. That actually make Porsche look worse because it was just 0.5 second ahead a GT-R that biased towards luxury. Now try the track package then see if it can shave that 0.5 second off Premium with a stiffer suspension, more camber and a re-tuned fuel injector.

  3. gtr 90 000 euros
    porsche 911 turbo s i think about 200000 euros
    and turbo s isn’t so faster than gtr i take the gtr

  4. Nissan overstate their times and Porsche understate theirs. The only way a GTR will do a 2.8 second 0-60 is on Playstation……

  5. As expected, I can only imagine what the GT2 or even the GT3 would do.

  6. ุฎุงู„ุฏ ุงู„ุฎุงู„ุฏูŠ

    You must be compared the turbo With Nismo ๐Ÿ˜

  7. Some complete dung on the comments section here mostly by clueless youths and dreamers. The GTR is one hell of a car and for the record I drive a 911.

  8. the gtr driver sucked ass let him pass by cuz took a long ass turn shame on you

  9. Is a shame how manipulate this 2 guys; nothing about launch control: is activated or not on both? cause you can see even a lambo beaten by Godzila

  10. All these fan boys can’t admit Porsche is faster and there’s more to cars than speed Porsche is in a different league quality, I’d have Porsche anyday just a better looking car

  11. scramble eggs

  12. If your going to put the top range Porsche with a Nissan it also needs to be the top range model which is the Nissan Gtr Nismo.

  13. Gtr fan boys always try use the argument of price to justify their Nissan gayTR… It’s the better superior product! That’s why u pay! Nissan is plastic rubbish! That’s why it’s cheap!

  14. Porsche had its pants down ๐Ÿ˜†

  15. Turbo s > GTR, Turbo s vs GTR track edition (i don’t know, cant find anything :/) and Turbo s < GTR nismo. My opinion

  16. Be a fair GTR nismo vs 911 turbo S

  17. Ok, the Porsche edges it and it looks stunning. But is it ยฃ60,000 faster and more rewarding? Not so sure. Not a Nissan fanboy by any stretch, but you have to admit there’s a lot of badge to pay for on that Porsche.

  18. GTR fanboy keyboard warriors at the ready. JAP CRAP

  19. no offense but the bloke driving the GTR has no business driving such a beast. It is FAR F-A-R more capable than what he showed. Motor Trend has laready repeatedly also proven that the GTR can hit 60 in 2.7 so sorry mates, your video is just bad press.

  20. Nuremberg? Porsche 918 spyder…enough said

  21. I don’t know what I enjoy watching most – the 911 beating the GT-R (again), or the GT-R fanboys frothing at their pathetic mouths, coming out with complaints, excuses and modification suggestions as though somehow the GT-R can never be beaten and should never be allowed to be beaten.

    Go back your Playstations, kids.

  22. Ill take that Porsche in white

  23. Bullshit! The turbo s eats the nismo!

  24. The guy with the gtr can’t drive

  25. jajajaja this is a bullshit!!!! porsche its a beatle with more power!! a barbie car!!!!!

  26. How can you even compare these two? ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ A german masterpiece and a…..Nissan..

  27. woohoo go Porsche finally a car that has awd twin turbo besides the gtr that’s faster than a gtr.:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  28. Porsche is a two syllable word. Noob.

  29. Germanic qualite killer super car 911 turbo s

  30. Gtr couldn’t stand a chance against Turbo S !!!ย  Porsche <3

  31. Why don’t they find a corvette or something?? This is like checking clarity of a hope diamond compared to a cubic zirconia ! That Porsche is such a bad ass car and the nissan is almost like my sisters new Maxima lmfao!!!!!!!!

  32. I mean have you ever dreamed of owning a Nissan ====== ”NOT ME” L0O0O0O0OL

  33. At the very end of the video; he said the GTR nismo was faster than both of these cars. The GTR nismo is still cheaper than the porsche, so wouldn’t that make the nismo a better buy?

  34. Lover of both of these cars but the Porsche 911 will always have a special place in my heart considering I used to own a candy apple red hotwheels Porsche 911 when I was four. It was my favorite of all time. I’d take either of these but were I to choose, I’d go with the Porsche just because of those memories.

  35. In Australia Porsche turbo S cost 500 k vs 185 k Really bad comparison , At 500 k i would expect Turbo S to kicked the GTR s ass from here to hell n back.
    Super rich people would buy a Porsche Turbo S, Your average guy doing well would buy a GTR , It represents excellent value for money , BTW a Porsche Carrera S in Australia will set you back 300 k throw some options on and your up to 320 k
    Why do all the Porsche fans seem to hate GTR , Ill tell you why , cause they got there heads so far up there ass,

  36. please stop too put turbo s vs gtr turbo s destroy all the time gtr put turbo s vs agera r or Bugatti 0-100 turbo s isย  soo fastย  a need too see vs car more fast

  37. Poor Nissan LOL! An ugly shit tunned versus a Legend… Porsche all the way.

  38. why you hating that the gtr didnt win, buy one and show us then.

  39. Need racing driver for fair comparison. Gtr all the way but they need to make it little lighter. It looks big and heavy. Why can’t they make it lighter and little smaller ?

  40. the Porsche win because the driver for the gtr cannot drive good

  41. GTR Fanboys are going nuts in the comments ๐Ÿ˜€

  42. let’s say it how it is Nissan is good car but remember Gtr has weakness weight a lot of understeer and torque is not has much as the porsche surfaces Nissan claims 0 to 60 in 2.7 it depends on the surface on
    the road nurburing is different from a proper race track Nissan needs to test the Gtr on proper race track
    and also tighter bends and stop saying the Gtr can corners at speeds and saying it is quick to a point
    I will be honest here the porsche is a big improvement on drag and speed corning and launching off
    the line we have be man enough to understand that the Nissan did lose to the porsche and don’t take it
    to heart because you can’t have to winners Nissan just have to improve more on the Gtr handling and also
    the weight distribution in real term that makes a lot of difference I was not expecting the Nissan to win
    because I already knew the torque of the porsche was much better and it carries less weight look at it
    carefully the Nissan understeer to much I speak to Gtr drivers who race them and can be a little problem
    so Nissan you can do better then that sort it out and don’t brag about 0 to 60 makes no difference at all
    no offence to any body out there I am just trying to make a lot people understand that Nissan needs to stop all this talk about what the Gtr can do just get on with it and try get your facts right about you figures peace
    to every one out there

  43. Turbo S is Love

  44. Wow, feminine dude driving the GTR sucks ass. It’s like he’s afraid of the car, he lacks confidence and looks nervous driving around the track and botched the launch worrying about wha the Porsche was doing instead of driving "your" car, a common drag racing mistake.

    Not a fair comparison, just two buddies hooning around a Walmart parking lot with a video camera. I’m a GT-R fan, however, objectively speaking the 911 Turbo is a special machine, it’s the one I’d choose.

  45. Why are they saying the 911 is "so much faster" when it clearly isnt? Besides GTR costs 100k…..base price for 911 turbo S is 180k. If you wanna pay 80k more just to be faster by .2 seconds, be my guest lmao.

  46. this is a commercial from porsche

  47. I bet if they labeled this gtr as infiniti it would cost alot more

  48. If the Gtr can manage 0-60 in 2.8, which it can, the why did it do it in 3.2. need to use the same driver in order for it to be a fair race.

  49. Don’t worry Team GT-R is coming back with a GT-R that’s 800hp+ when the R36 GT-R debutes in the next couple of years.

  50. Which one is more expensive? and which one has had mostly the same appearance for 17 years?. Wait what? 17 years? yea and eighty one thousand dollars more. Let the other manufacturer perfect the same car for 17 years and charge around the same ball park and then we can compare them. I "liked" this video btw.

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