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  1. What music did you use?

  2. 4:17 Half-Life 2 inventory sound effect.

  3. Vantage sounds way better than the 911

  4. sound can be changed

  5. the aston sounds like an angry lawnmower…

  6. aston martin 👑

  7. Astons suck balls.

  8. For me it,s AM all the way simply because of the cars rarity and sound. How many AM have you seen in the last year? Me not one plenty of 911s though.

  9. These kinds of non-traditional comparisons are very helpful! For many it’s about what you can get in a particular budget range and we aren’t as hung up about the head to head comparisons between cars that are meant to strictly "compete" with one another. Thanks.

  10. How did the British ouitalian us on engineering?

  11. the aston martin sounds like a bunch of farts with a little vit of v8 sound in it

  12. Aston Martin all the way !! Better looks and much better sound.

  13. Vantage sounds like a beast

  14. Next we will compare the VW bug to the P1.

  15. ARE YOU SAYING THAT YOU HATE US BRITISH PEOPLE!? just kidding Doug I love u

  16. if you saw a 9-11 in the street you wouldn’t give a crap BUUUTTT if you saw an Aston you would want to take a picture and you’d want to trade you Toyota camery for it

  17. Really nice Aston you have there!! But can you please tell me the name of the music you use between scenes

  18. James Bond is better

  19. that austin martin sounds godly when compared to the porshe!

  20. the Ashton looks better imo

  21. I own a flat 6 Porsche and I admit the exhaust still sounds like poo vs the glorious V8 exhaust note of the Vantage

  22. So basically Aston is for poseurs.

  23. German fuck British in the ass without lube when it comes to cars.

  24. executive summary in under 30 seconds: 1:32

  25. Porsche sounds like shit, lambos aston and ferraris sound great, but they all get beaten by porsche

  26. Hey, this is the same music Nat used in one of her community channel videos.

  27. that 911 is stunning tho

  28. Can you upgrade your cameras 🤔

  29. looks is all Aston

  30. In sound Porsche is nowhere close to Aston martin.

  31. I really wanna know what was more fun to drive the 911 or the i8 BMW

  32. porche sounds like a lawn mower

  33. "who works for a bank and eats children…." #dying #😂😂😂😂

  34. what’s so bad about it being built by British people

  35. This spoiler makes me vomit

  36. are you from emory university alum?

  37. Not sure who the bigger cunt is…the prius owner or the lexus driver

  38. I prefer Porsche because of Porsche

  39. Porsche 911 is the winner by a long shot

  40. "Just another 911" isn’t a thing whether it’s a Turbo (Or Turbo S) or a Carrera (S, GTS) they’re still incredible cars. Just because you don’t see an Aston Martin everywhere doesn’t mean a Porsche is a lesser car because people buy more of them. Porsche and Aston Martin make spectacular cars.

  41. What is a Porche-A ?
    Never heard of it .

  42. 911 are everywhere because the simply don’t break down. whereas the Aston it’s in the garage most of the times.

  43. 911 FTW

  44. based on the fact that it’s a heavy german car, there will also be brake-pad dust. germans tend to utilise the pads that "eat" more into disc, apparantly, so does Aston-makers. Lighter japanese cars do away with pads that get worn off, instead of abrasing so much into the brake disk. i guess none of is better or worse, just the manufacturer’s choice.

  45. It’s so crazy going from a normal engine to a turbo charged engine. I remember when I got my 2001 Saab 9-5 Turbo, I had been in many cars, but with most cars you don’t feel too much kick in, but once you feel the turbo kick in… It’s crazy. I got goose bumps when I first felt the turbo kick in. Super amazing feeling.

  46. Porsche 911 80-90’s anytime,newer look so plain,boxster,that is a pedal car,,Panamera or Cayman,Someone mention the Maserati,,,that is cool too

  47. I would have taken the astin, because Bond

  48. That Porsche sounds just like my Subaru Forester…

  49. "…. built by British people…!!" "Works for a bank and eats children."!! Funny as sh**!! AND a great comparison vid!! Love the outtakes at the end in an ode to Jackie Chan!

  50. even if the porsche was rare, it’s still ugly. porsches are like that smart frumpy girl who’s good at math and likes to clean house. Who the fuck cares!!! I want my stripper bitch with tats and piercings.

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