Porsche 911 Turbo vs Audi RS7 vs Mercedes CLS63 AMG

Porsche 911 Turbo (991) PP-Performance RS650 (650 HP), Sergey I.
Audi RS7 VAG-Doctor (700 HP), Vladimir Z.
Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG 4Matic Ramon Performance (750 HP), Ramon B.

Результаты (Results):

Фотографии (Photos):
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  1. Vagdoctor. What kind of bitchass tuning house is this?

  2. nossa muito doido demais… kk

  3. Porsche = Timeless and so fucking fast.

  4. If that rs7 would be a 2 door it would’ve took the 911

  5. Ни хрена себе Порш валит!

  6. Arkadaş mercedesin yarış konusunda hep geçiliyor mu banamı öyle geliyor

  7. Actually a Porsche 911 Turbo (S) can kill cars with 100-150 HP more easily ontrack, because these cars are pure driving-machines and awesome in curves / bends. Porsches are made for lap-racing. A stock 991 GT3 RS can beat a Nissan GT-R on a real race with no doubt.

    Porsche <3 Best cars on the planet. Just take a look at the 918 Spyder… it’s like ART!

  8. RS7 is shitty tuned here, failed tuning ..

  9. porsche doesnt sound like that

  10. The Merc is always slow off the lights.

  11. Porcshe win

  12. nici nu stie sa plece mercedesul

  13. обворовали русский народ, теперь жируют. пир во время чумы устроили.

  14. Wow that RS7 hung in there unbelievably well! Great race

  15. У мерседеса реакция на писюлечку, а проиграл. 100 лошадок больше. Вывод : Брать его не надо .

  16. 👏👏👏👍

  17. How come porsche won? It must be because of the weight?

  18. Porsche   Blowing  there  doors   OFF    LMAO       There is  no   Substitute       Porsche   #1

  19. ПОРШ мужик

  20. I’m a big fan of porsche

  21. fast ass porche

  22. That porsche sound

  23. сивий мерин взагалі всмоктав !!
    троїть, напевно.

  24. I cant understand why would an RS7 and a 911 turbo race, they are not in the same class…. instead of an 911 they should have put Panamera Turbo S, then it would be a fair race.

  25. Not exactly a fair match up. The RS7 fighting her own tier would smoke the CLS63 and M6. Best super saloon you can get and cheaper than the BMW and Merc

  26. Lincoln Mercedes are best in interior and outer looks but not suitable for drag races

  27. *BRING SOME NOISE!!!!*

  28. What an astounding reaction time 1:10

  29. that’s not even a Turbo S lol

  30. Хотя здесь Ауди и проиграла, но много раз видел, что RS уделывают и AMG от Мерседес и M’ки от БМВ как говно какое-то. Интересно, неужели Ауди много лучше спроектированы? Или в этом какая-то иная причина.

  31. See if you let the 911 get the jump your done cause all they do is pull and pull!!!!

  32. This isn’t even a turbo S!!! And has a glass roof!!

  33. Mercedes drag arabası değil çok ağır araba açılana kadar drag bitiyo

  34. Porsche with low HP and with powerful design beats it. It’s a wild horse.

  35. I hate to admit…DAMN THESE PORSCHE!!!!!!…for how fast they are….

  36. it looks as if porsche starts earlier

  37. You need 175 subscribers to recieve the Youtube Golden Play Button !!!!

  38. That Porsche is a beast. I felt quite bad after it beat my favourite car…. until I saw what it did to the Merc. lol. I felt a little better afterwards.

  39. amg sucks.

  40. Porsche O.O

  41. I’d still take the Mercedes 😉

  42. 911 turbo > CLS63 AMG > RS7

  43. TBH a RS7 that faces a smaller chassis car that is lighter. I am impressed how well the rs7 took on the race at a close range even though it lost. Benz. lMFAO

  44. Love audits but porches are kings of drags. Audi over everything else though

  45. this audi rs7 is veeery nice a this color :O …niceee …
    this is family sport car …vs small shoping ugly bettle ? ..omfg ..shit …audi a benz are better …

  46. Porsche with low HP and with powerful design beats it. It’s a wild horse.

  47. Both audi and Merc took of later then PorschePorsche

  48. Did the Audi driver think folding in his wing mirrors would get him a few extra mph? lol

  49. The new GT 3 RS 911 is gorgeous in every way especially in that purple color with 500 H.P.! The 2011 GT 2 RS is a monster it’s light and has 620 H.P. The regular GT 3 is awesome too! It has 475 H.P. But the regular turbo and the turbo S are the ones you have to look out for if your going to drag race. They have 560 H.P. and all wheel drive with that PDK man they are all just bad to the bone in ever way!

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