Porsche 911 Turbo vs. Bentley Continental – Fifth Gear

Vicki and Tiff have a classic shootout between the Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet against the Bentley Continental GT Speed, racing round the Castle Combe Circuit!

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  1. I’m definitely not a fan of these cars without a roof on them

  2. Justin not a fun person

  3. Not really a comparison

  4. Damn I love Tiff! Very interesting man to watch

  5. Ms Vicki and Mr Tiff, you guys making watching these video’s a total panic. You both have good attitudes and hats off too you…

  6. Why English people are always better than anyone else in reviewing cars?!

  7. Bentley is twise heavier than porsche….higher center of gravity….tonnes of body roll….porsche is lighter.smaller.agile..low to ground…lots of horses…not a good comparison.

  8. Do you guys know if I would be able to fit a cat + cat carrier in the back seat in order to transport my pure bred Main Coon to Liverpool in the Bentley?

  9. What was the point of this? Anyone actually remotely thought that the big B was going to win?

  10. My Saturn SL can beat both of these anytime… Please, give me a break

  11. porsche turbo s start is without launch control?

  12. Inside maker agree

  13. Did you just compare an Bentley Continental with a Porsche Turbo S? I mean it was a nice video, but a bit pointless… I mean come on…


  15. That Bentley looked so un-natural going fast around those corners and under hard acceleration/braking.
    I’d have the Porsche for midnight highway runs and track days, and the Bentley for every other occasion

  16. eastern passenger gifted ekmczz responsible myth.

  17. This is a very terrible comparison both of these cars are made for very different reasons bentley a top of the line lumbering bulky luxury speed machine and then the 911 turbo a super sharp lightning quick supercar.

  18. Risk place attack function early notion third.

  19. A Ferrari California would have been a better rival to the 911. Bentley is too big and heavy to be even considered a ‘sports car’. Still, good video though!

  20. he guy is too crazy to drive and too slow i know the porsche 911 is way more faster than what he drove it.

  21. I want one duel lamborghini aventador vs ferrari berlinneta pls!!

  22. Wait what, the car that weights a 911 turbo s and half is less sporty? Witchcraft I say.

  23. the 911 turbo is more of a super car… the Bentley is more of a luxury coupe… seems like a odd comparison.

  24. What year filmed?

  25. Porsche 0-100km/h: 3.2 seconds
    Bentley 0-100km/h: 4.4 seconds
    Do you even have to watch the video?

  26. Bentley weighs 2000 lbs more…

  27. Why did you compare these two cars?? How about Concorde vs. Chinook next?

  28. poor bentley they have fitted winter tyres on it too…

  29. Does the Porsche have back seats?!?
    It’s so small, even Mr. Game & Watch would get claustrophobic!

  30. The Porsche was better thats good but the Bentley is an Luxury limousine

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