Porsche 911: Used Car Pre-Purchase Inspection — /DRIVE CLEAN

/DRIVE CLEAN’s first episode of season 2 is set to cover one of the most overlooked aspects of buying a used car, and that’s the pre-purchase inspection.

If you intend to purchase a used classic and spend your time driving and protecting it, then you would do best to inspect it before you buy. This particular car is a second hand Porsche 911 and the buyer in question is admittedly obsessive. We took the opportunity to document the whole transaction from begin to end, and noted 10 actionable steps that will help you when buying a used car.

Go to www.ammonyc.com to get your free PDF Guide of the 10-Step Pre-Purchase Inspection. As always, post any questions and comments in the section below so that we can respond to them.


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  1. Any mechanic I know would just kick the tire, spit on the paint and rub it a bit and give me an A-OK.

  2. Over engineered. Absurd maintenance costs. Finally… when you go to sell your Porsche, you have to deal with this kind of scrutiny? I’ll keep my Japanese work horses.

  3. Music

  4. Whatever happened to "Next Weeks Episode" DOE?

  5. Some are commenting where is the next episode. It may be posted on Larry’s channel AMMO NYC. I know season 3 is there.

  6. They’re so expensive.

  7. I truly believe that if I’d look for all those things when buying a second hand car, I’d be looking for a good one for 3 and a half years too…

  8. Nice video.

  9. "This is a business transaction and emotions need to be kept out of it."

    If I ever get the money for a 911, I’ll have someone else buy it, lol. I would be compelled to buy the first one I saw, on sight.

    On another note, I love the German shoes to go with the German car.

  10. ford porsche?

  11. you obviosly should be aware of signs of a crash and stuff, and just run the car through its paces and you should feel if you try many different cars, how the suspension feel and if its loose or what ever.. jack it upp and check bearinng and joints,, but seriosly, i have a prosche and those tings break constantly and need replacing,, the prefered service milage is every 15000km according to porsche. Lost of stuff breaks on these cars and other porsches.. I have as mutch into my car as its worth. Leakdown test and just check oil quality and if its got stuff in it,, water etc. Wheel alignment is like meh,, just go get a new one tbh, goes off after a track day anyway.

  12. ur mechanic sounds like a white obama

  13. A slack of the speedometer is upside down.. need to refix the meter again..

  14. Hang on, why do the inspection whilst wearing sunglasses??!!!

  15. So what happened after?

  16. Woody Allen of mechanics

  17. Great video!!!!

  18. anybody know the intro song? would be highly appreciated

  19. Super anal

  20. Ha. I alway give the seller a Minnesota multphasic personality test and a colonoscopy. You never know. Then I lick the wipers and strip to my undies and sleep in the trunk for no less than two nights.

  21. I will admit that after watching a few of Larry’s 911 videos, I decided to finally purchase my dream car (993 c4s)

  22. this guys a fucking tool…

  23. This will be useful the next time I buy a track beater. Yes. Paint depth. Yes.

  24. Awesome! Where’s the next episode? I can’t find it….

  25. Whats it called> IMS bearing> no mention and a known problem.
    And all you really need is a cjeap magnet to checkfor bondo.

  26. these cars are an investment end of story everything he is doing is valid this is a great video for the educated car collector or enthusiast wanting to get into the hobby. well done!

  27. Matt Farah called, he wants his glasses back haha

  28. Larry, Your company Ammo NYC, do you provide pre purchase inspection services? If so how do I get in touch with you?

  29. This is a gorgeous vehicle, holy crap!

  30. I have been watching your videos on your 964…… I see you did the PPI at Rennwerke but had the engine done at speed sport . If i may ask why you used speed sport rather then Rennwerke ? Im looking to do the same work you had done and im located in CT Thanks

  31. gauges are canted for racing. tape on the steering wheel = Track day car

  32. love it!

  33. Good information here. but as the seller, at any kind of a reasonable price, I’d just sell it to a guy who just plain wants it. The mech said he’d waive the PPI fee if he gets the work, which discredits his whole opinion, and shows is a clear conflict of interest. Welcome to the world of Porsche tax, buddy

    ! "What do you mean, 600 dollars for valve cover gaskets?

  34. Doesn’t he have to do a compression test for all 6 cylinders?

  35. Better than buing from an auction like most morons do.

  36. great video

  37. If the Porsche has a MOMO wheel, walk away 😉

  38. what if, you’re your own mechanic, but you don’t know cars that well? lol. like i do all my own work but i usually have to visit the forums before i start the job

  39. if this guy starting touching my Porsche like that I wouldn’t sell it to him out of principal.

    Learn how to buy a car reasonably, but this is ridiculous.

    Just sold a car underneath some guy who wanted to do pressure testing. Get over yourself.

  40. hahah.. the owner will really allow you to take the wheels off and put it on a lift before you buy it.. for sure

  41. Any 964 will cost minimum $10000 to bring it back to New. There’s almost 30 years of usage so seals, brakes, paint, leather, cup unit the ac (is the Computer 1000$cost) clutch, lights, electric seats might need changing. Big money are changing your engine rings or any surprises like in the 4 wheel or transmissions. Oh leaks are king in the 964. Seal change.

  42. Okay, I just watched this video now I want to watch the "next weeks" video of Larry making the purchase or not and I can’t find it. Does anyone know the name of the video that finishes off this purchase??? Please??

  43. Why are those gauges sideways?

  44. thanks for doing the video! I enjoyed your ammo NYC videos and this video series you do for drive clean are so helpful! Thanks!

  45. Why don’t you put the fucking thing under a micron microscope 🔬? Meanwhile the fucking rev & speed gauges are not at 90°

  46. nice video, name of the begining song pzzz..

  47. how do you take a care that you dont own to your mechanic?

  48. If you, "push poke and pull like it’s your own car, check the paint depth, want me to take you for a ride and then want to drive it by yourself I’ll tell you to get the fuck out of here lol

  49. "The engine is good, the engine is healthy"…fast-forward to the rebuild video where they find all sorts of broken bits of metal and screws etc. floating around inside the engine. Engine compression is not a standalone heuristic for engine health.

  50. How did the steering wheel change from @5:34 MOMO to a Porsche Steering wheel @5:58 ? What kinda sorcery is this !!

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