Porsche 911 vs 918 – Speed Week 2014: TopGear Magazine

The Porsche 911 Turbo is so fast it nearly detached our retinas. The Porsche 918 is the very pinnacle of Porsche performance. But which is faster in a straight line?

Filmed and edited by Smudge Media

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  1. oh god dat sound

  2. this is a stupid race, no one expected the 911 to win

  3. The 911 stayed right beside the 918 for a quarter mile seems like

  4. be honest did you expect the 911 to win

  5. and who got 1st rank 911 or 918

  6. The new 911 Turbo S is so fast off the line it would leave the NISMO GT-R for dead if they repeated this with it. I have never seen one have a bad launch.

    I agree though that they ‘fixed’ the 918 launch to make it closer like they did with the McLaren F1 vs Bugatti Veyron. In the 918 vs 650S vs Agera video at Goodwood the 918 set off like it was attached to the worlds most powerful elastic band under tension

  7. Great to see my dream hypercar 918 racing!

  8. 911 could beat 918 trust me 

  9. yes..the porsche 918 is fast porsche ever is fast than911 turbo end the carerra gt end gt3 rs end gt2

    the 918 is faster porsche ever

  10. Any surprise there?

  11. How about a 911 GT1?

  12. weird how the 918’s wing goes down from take off!?

  13. wow

  14. Fair play to the 911 there

  15. Either that was not a 911 turbo S or the race is fixed for the 918 to win.  You can clearly see at the end there where the 911 isn’t moving at its full potential.  Even if it were to beat the 911 turbo S, the margin would not have been that great.

  16. I would say that the 911 made a pretty good job to compete with the 1.000.000$ hypercar.

  17. nice sounds from both

  18. I think the porsche won;)

  19. this video has to be taken with a pinch of salt , its purely made for entertainment , theres a cameraman in the middle of the road on one run clearly of which neither car are flat out and have added to it numerous runs to get different  angles , which completely removes any kind of reality.

  20. that’s Porsche’s most pure sound right there

  21. Umm…Porsche?? u are all balls mate..!

  22. why the regular turbo though? why not the turbo S. like it would have still lost but it would have done better 

  23. 911 is one of my favourite cars of all time.

  24. Awsome

  25. Damn it ate that 911 lol

  26. This video is heavily edited. On the last clip the 918 appears to be going double the speed of the Turbo, and there is no way of this happening with both cars going full throttle. The only clear thing is that the Turbo appears to be better at launching and should be faster up to some speed which makes sense given it is lighter.
    So, this video is not real for sure, but it is also not true.

  27. Here’s hoping the automotive industry will take some inspiration from the 918.  I don’t put any stock in "global warming" or this "carbon footprint" bullshit, but reducing dependency on oil is a positive thing.  It would be nice to see some real cars with efficient hybrid technology, as opposed to "POS Hatchback #426".

  28. Thank you for a short to the point clip. I hate it when there’s 20 minutes of crap just to get to a 5 second race

  29. RIP Headphone USER

  30. Any stock car that can overtake a 911 991 Turbo or Turbo S in a straight line is bonkers quick. 

  31. Everyone knows a 911 is a fast car and they presumably brought it on track to give a point of comparison. 

  32. The 911 Turbo is a 10 second car in the quarter mile, the 918 is just that much Faster but it won’t run a 5 second quarter mile give me a break it’s not a rocket. Anything above the quarter mile and the 918 walks away.

  33. Awesome cars!

  34. For 7 times the money it wasn’t really 7 times the performance difference

  35. supert

  36. What season is this on?

  37. I know, a car’s potential can’t simply be judged by a drag race, but the 911 was certainly NOT 550,000 pounds slower than the 918.

  38. the 911 did bargain 918 off the line

  39. Funny thing, the 991.2 Turbo S has a faster 0-60 time than the 918 (2.5 vs 2.6) but the 918 can sustain that acceleration longer.

  40. Want to see 918 pure engine power no E motors then do the drag race again and see what’ll happen.

  41. you dont say 😀

  42. the 911 weighs 1600 kilos -a 100 kilo less than the 918! That’s two fat blokes getting of the line.

  43. Awesome….Damnd!

  44. They should do porsche carrera gt vs 918

  45. That’s fast!

  46. they dont use the electric Motor. the 918 is definitely faster  2.7 – 0 to 60 vs 2.5 – 0 to 60

  47. 911 is ugly. even if it beat the 918 i still would prefer the 918.

  48. 918 Spyder

  49. I love the 918. It is awesome and has a hybrid setting. When driving, it charges up the electric motor that powers the front wheels, and then when it is fully charged, it can be an all electric car!  This also means it launches as an AWD car, because the electric motor powers the front wheels, and then the electric motor cuts off at about 128 mph, so it is the best of both worlds! Awesome car, there needs to be a mile drag race between this, LaFerrari and the P1 McLaren!

  50. 918 because 917,916,915,914,912 then 911

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