Porsche 911 VS. Porsche Cayman

We’re taking a look at Porsche’s tried and true 911 vs the Cayman to see which vehicle will reign as Porsche’s ultimate sports car. We’re gathering opinions from some guys who know sports cars best, including Patrick Hong of Road & Track magazine, Shinoo Mapleton of Sector 111, and James Sofronas of Global Motorsports Group. Including exclusive footage of both vehicles on the race track and in the shop, you’ll get the a complete look at the differences between these two beasts.

Will the Porsche 911 Turbo retain it’s spot as the leader of Porsche’s sports car pack? Or will the Cayman inherit the spot as the leader of Porsche’s sport’s car line.

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  1. From personal experience (street and track), I’ve went Cayman S to 911C4S to Cayman S. The Cayman just does it for me.

  2. How come no one asked us, since we are racing both the Cayman and the 911 professionally in North America?!? We want to weigh in!

    – BGB Motorsports

  3. so why don’t you just put a turbo engine is a Cayman or Boxter

  4. And this is why the Cayman will always live in the 911’s shadow. It’s no longer about engineering, it’s about branding and marketing. The 911 is their iconic sports car, and it will always remain as such. If anything, the 911 will evolve into a different form factor or engine layout before the Cayman ever surpasses it.

  5. This video was made in 2012. The new 981s/gts can out–perform a 911 without a doubt. I wonder if his opinion has changed…

  6. Need round 2, after launch of new Cayman/S/GTS. Great video. More like this!

  7. If you want to know about, with is the better sports car, dont ask a american.
    This guys drive mostly on speed limits you can easy reach with a moped and automatic cars, like a sofa inside, and even there racing tracks are simple circular course, where you not have to change a gear.
    A old wife with a old Fiat, driven the little car, 20 years in on the curvy streets of the Italy mountains, has more driving expert knowledge, as this cowboys, their key piece on a car the cup holders are.

  8. Say hello to the  Cayman GT4……. LMAO

  9. At 2:22, is that Andreas from Overhaulin’?

  10. Walter Rohrl said the Cayman is a better car.  I think I’ll take his word over this biased idiot.


  11. and all night.

  12. This guy is very opinionated and it turned out he was wrong lol

  13. When Porsche starts giving away cars, I’ll stand in the Cayman line.

  14. What a load of crap, obviously most of his customers are 911 driver so he has to back 911, this video cant be trusted….

  15. As soon as the Cayman has the motor of the 911, the 911 goes into the history books. I love my Cayman S. With equal HP it would smoke a GT3. The GT4 is proof of that.

  16. I bought a used 2006 CS. I love it. I now want a 997 4s. Just for a change, and more speed.

  17. cayman is for people who cannot afford 911

  18. The company has a serious task and it’s subtly revising its engineering and design and letting the marketing and customer do it’s work. It can be seen with the Cayenne ( exceptional revenue earner ) but along comes the Macan in less time than it took for the Cayman to be introduced to the driving world. Slightly shorter (Macan), squat and reputedly better handled with still some degree of off-road ability. It could hurt Porsche’s coffers to try to market four models Cayman,S,GTS and possible Turbo against a 911 that each has a COST attached to the model. In the middle of the amortized R&D annual items per model and it’s a lot of 911 models too (approximately 20), it could be devastating. It comes down to profits for the company plus balancing the purist demand versus engineering evolution and competition.

  19. I think the 911 should remain the company’s flagship, but it should be reclassified as a grand tourer similar to the Ferrari F12. Give the rear seats legroom and add more luxuries to it.

    The Cayman on the other hand should get a larger engine or a turbo and take on the role as the companies "go fast car"

  20. Porsche .. 550 .. 904 .. 914/8 .. 917 .. 962 .. 987 .. 918 <— Look them up if you don’t know where their engine is … The best Porsche’s have always been mid engine …YouTube

  21. Funny that the new GT3 RSR is mid engined. Maybe Porsche listened to this bloke?
    Put the same spec 911 engine and suspension package in a Cayman and see what happens

  22. like the name of the channel

  23. We all know the mid-engine car is the way to go, but stop and think about what those wonderful Porsche engineers have done with a rear-engine car. Could those engineers build a superior mid-engine car like everyone else? Of course they can. Give me the uniqueness and history of the 911 every day all day. No other car on the planet is a 911.

  24. I drive a cayman s. So I’ll be bias and say cayman but if anyone wants to donate a 911 I’ll drive it. #porschenation

  25. I heard more cayman pro’s on other post

  26. I’m not saying this to brag or anything other than what I’m saying. I’m not wealthy but I am fortunate enough to be able to buy either a 911 or a less expensive Cayman. After owning three 911’s I am on my second Cayman and have absolutely no interest in switching back. The mid engine, lower inertia and lighter weight make it a no brainier. Unfortunately, we have to go after market to boost power but as soon as Porsche does what we all know is right, the Cayman will become the dominant sports car in the world. Period.

  27. Cayman and Boxster beat the 911 on physics level and have the porsche passion built in its just ridiculous marketeers and nonsense about the past, car design should always be based on your best idea not just because that how its always been historically, learn from the past not live in it!

  28. i think one of the reasons which no one mentions about why 911 hasnt gone to mid engine is because it would loose the back seats. small kids fit back there just fine making this a family sports car!

  29. Also you could just add a twin turbo kit to a cayman/boxster s for a fraction of the cost of a basic 911 and better everything!!

  30. 1:46 pretty sure the clear answer is cayman, you have a much lighter car, more aerodynamic (drag coefficient), and balanced car with the engine in the middle.

  31. They should redo this review with the current 981 Cayman generation,because the GT4 and GTS have almost caught up with the 997 gt3 and it’s likely a matter of time before a 981 Cayman R could seriously compete with the current 911(991 gen). With all Porsche’s getting turbo engines from 2017 and onward, chassis development will be key to this debate. Ultimately the 911 street cars use components from the 911 RSR and Cup Car which would give it (intentionally engineered) chassis and handling advantages over the Cayman. Much more R&D is spent on fine tuning the 911 as it’s the bread winner for Porsche. Edge goes to the 911 for now,but look out.

  32. He must be paid by Porsche to talk up the 911. Mid engine vs. rear engine? Comon?

  33. So why don’t someone put a larger engine in a cayman or a turbo one and run it head to head with a 911 to be tested by refutable and neutral professional drivers , so we can fuel this debate more

  34. But if you need four seats it has to be a 911. Good luggage capacity too.

  35. Jason I think you mean the Loch Ness Monster. Loch Ness is very real, – its a big lake in Scotland. 

  36. I would go for the , in my opinion, more beautiful cayman S. I would put it in my garage and look all day at it 😉

  37. He says Porsche will never make the mistake of making a Cayman that will out perform a 911, but guess what, it doesn’t matter if Porsche wants to or not. People are already dropping turbos in Caymans and increasing the hp to 450 and beyond. A 450hp Cayman is going to beat just about any 911 around a track.

  38. the 550 was mid engined Porsche have not always had the rear engine lay out

  39. 911 Turbo and GT variants are superior to any Cayman, but the 981 Cayman is on par or better than the Carrera.

  40. Anytime soon is here Cayman GT4 …

  41. He knows the Cayman is better but won’t admit it so what if its not as fast in a straight line its meant to be a sports car not a muscle car I think the 911 is the old timers car and the Cayman the young man’s car

  42. The guy being interviewed was great but the interviewer was horrendous! Stephen Hawking could’ve been more enthusiastic!

  43. My ’14 Cayman S has no problem keeping up with 400hp+ 911’s on the curvy roads. That’s where all the fun is anyway!

  44. I’ve been wanting a 911 since I was 9. Was about to buy one and saw the Cayman S! So i went with the Cayman S 6 speed, yes I ca afford to buy a 911, but I choose otherwise. Eventually I’ll still buy a 911 in the near future as well as keep my Cayman! Both are beautiful machines!

  45. I’m glad Porsche’s business model makes the cayman less popular. The means their prices are insanely low on the used market.

  46. unnecessary comparison. My dad has an 911 4s turbo and I have just Cayman, no letters forwards. We use to exchange cars and putting them on track. It´s so different feelings and sensations, both are amazing, same but different. We just agree that Porsche made the best cars ever, giving us different choices depending on our pocket. No other maker integrate peolpe as they do, thanksfor that. Also can you ever imagine a Ferrari or Lambo running full acelerated for more than 3 hours? No. impossible. Engine burns out, so they should demonstrate they fiability on they product and throw it to Le Mans or Daytona. (Real Daytona, 24 hrs)

  47. Cayman definitely seems to be the bang for your buck.

  48. This idiot is so biased its ridiculous

  49. all this is is one guys opinion. wheres the comparison i expected

  50. I have heard some of this before.  We’ll see what Porsche does with it.  It’s their call!  Their brand!  Their intelligence or bottom-line?

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