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  1. is better than range rove in off road

  2. mono pu ta cayenne den ine gia aftin tin dulia

  3. VTF?

  4. Δεν διαφωνώ. Ο ανταγωνισμός του όμως έχει τα αρχικά RR sport και επιβάλλεται να έχει κάποια off road χαρακτηριστικά.

  5. ba pr….ost poti fii

  6. nice tires! dumbass

  7. bello

  8. Ayto einai sti Penteli..!? Etsi nomizw

  9. @Chester M sorry i did not realize i was still in school and i was getting marked on spelling. yes i have terrible spelling but i would rather be a gearhead then a bookworm

  10. quelle hérésie ce cayenne… ça ne sert à rien…

  11. You need better tires bro


  13. Fuck music!

  14. Buy Range Rover

  15. 4 gomme MUD costavano troppo?

  16. the problem wasn’t the cayenne the problem was the tires. those tires obv were meant for road and not for rough slops. Put some 265/65 R18 BF Goodrich All Terrain on it and problem solved.

  17. de la daube ce truc ! pour faire du 4×4 ca vaut rein du tout ! c est juste bon a monter des trotoirs ! au prix ou ca coute ! achete toi un lada tu fera des economies !

  18. you are wrong .

  19. se ksero xoma ola pigenoun, valto mesa se paxia paxia laspi na anevi eki pano

  20. This music tho #headaches  

  21. how is called the song?

  22. What a great day! Your car just depreciated $35 000.

  23. boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boomboom boom boom boom boomboom boom boom boom boomboom boom boom boom boomboom boom boom boom boomboom boom boom boom boomboom boom boom boom boom….

  24. de cayenne engineers needs to improve her off-road capability they should seek technical assistance frm MB, Toyota or Nissan.

  25. not a real Off road car

  26. No. The Porsche Cayenne is, like any SUV out there, just a giant station wagon for people without a clue, who think that it’s "off-roading" if they cross a scoop of dirt that’y lying on the road. These are no off-road vehicles. Look at the Range Rover, the Mercedes G model (at least the older ones, not so sure if the new models still are) or the HMMWV for a real off road vehicle. Hell, even a plain Jeep is better suited than a frickin’ SUV!

  27. "what it is it good for….absolutely noooothing!"

  28. veri nice car

  29. nieznacie taktyki dwójka i but???

  30. 刮到了!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. it doestn’t even got 4×4 block fucked up my old jeep cherokee xj got’s differential block and it would easily ride up but yeah i gto now a 4,2 litr engine lil tuned v8 389hp bitchezzz

  32. @MrPorsche91730 but i do see the irony in that and it is very funny

  33. too bad you lose approx 100 hp from your drive shaft to your wheels soo… more like 289 tough guy

  34. buy land cruiser

  35. A very good handling road vehicle, maybe. Not a good off-road vehicle, though.

  36. при этом он еще и низко летает на скорости 270 км/ч

  37. ridicule


  39. old cayenne is classical than the new one

  40. Would have got better results from a supermarket trolley. Porsche should really stick to what they do best..making superb handling road vehicles.

  41. А что? Неплохо едет,пусть и паркетник)

  42. Dummer?..or should it be DUMBER!

  43. Mercedes G class, or any simple toyota or nissan pickup truck can kick a porsche cayenne in offroad. Cayenne…….big station wagon car with lots of hp.

  44. Lolfunny how all you retards are know it alls eh. You fuck tards make me sick. Its a Range Rover you dumb fuck lol they were always ment to go off road. This is a sports company making a suv lol. I hinestly cant beleive all the dumb comments on here. The porsche has oiling that will allow it to 45 degrees without any problems, oh yea and it also has 2 Speed transfer case, active air suspension….. Think before you speak. i swear people are gettin dummer and dummer

  45. Bad offroad qualities! Clearly worse than with my Land Rover Discovery

  46. For starters, get some proper off-road tires.

  47. How can anyone abuse such a show-off vehicle for real off road duty? It was never meant for this!!!

  48. esse cara não tinha mais nada pra fazer não? rsrs ele acordou e disse: Hoje eu vou fuder minha Cayenne kkk

  49. The problem is the technofag used in this. Fuckin savages.

  50. Do us a favor -Get an off road tires..

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