Porsche Cayenne Bluetooth AUX iPod USB adapter

This is the unit needed if you do not have the CD changer. GW52MO1 http://enfigcarstereo.com/DENSION_GW52MO1.html If you have a CD changer and want to bypass it then its the same unit but you need this bypass to connect in place of the CD changer. http://enfigcarstereo.com/DENSION_FOA1TL1.html

To keep the CD changer you need the GW52MO2 http://enfigcarstereo.com/DENSION_GW52MO2.html and a fiber extension to go from the trunk to the front. http://enfigcarstereo.com/DENSION_FOAPO1.html

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  1. I love you 1st of the month is a goodie 😉 Buying asap.

  2. hey guys , im in india and just got my hands of my fathers old car , i know this is a longshot , but is there any chance at all you have people who install these IN New Delhi India.

  3. What model is this box connected to the head unit, is this standard on Porsche. I’m looking at buying a 2004/2005 cayenne but they seem not very connected. Any info appreciated.

  4. I would like to buy it, but how are the instructions, can you do a video how to install or by pass. thank you

  5. Hi I have a question I have the same navigatiob in my porsche and I do not have a bluetooth system like you. What is the name of that thing and where do you buy it ?

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