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  1. how to let car start that way D: my caar dont pass 4k REv and its v6 3.6 patrrol

  2. Don’t push diesel engine in N up to 5000 and more RPM. It’s not good for the engine and it’s pointless. And if you constantly push it to 5000rpm when engine still cold, you’ll have problems later for shore.

  3. why don’t you type 2016 cayenne? huh)

  4. this is not a porsche, a porsche graduated to 6000rpm is not a porsche.

  5. over reving

  6. mph or kph?

  7. audi engine..

  8. The Audi R8 sound on the intro makes the whole video better! <3 BTW, are you going to test the new R8 soon?

  9. Volkswagen-Sport = Porsche Diesel !!! = Not worth the money !!

  10. At the start is that launch control?

  11. top speed???
    140 mph?

  12. man those diesel engines sound so good

  13. Yuck.

  14. Diesel is very nice for any SUV
    i think Cayenne v6 Diesel Preform like Gas Cayenne v6
    which is very nice for this new Gen

  15. 5.73 exactly

  16. The new R8’s won’t hit the US until early next year unfortunately! I’m looking forward to drive the new DSG transmission…

  17. MPH

  18. wow that’s fast! ive seen another vid and it takes him 7,2 seconds 0-60.. is it chipped or?

  19. That’s bad 🙁 Man, the car is awesome! The 7 speed dual-clutch S-Tronic gearbox makes such a big improovement!

  20. Totally stock…

  21. Wow, 6.2 seconds in something which weighs 4800lbs, also from an engine the size of an 02′ camry V6 engine. Just restores my faith in the fact that anything is possible with a Diesel

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