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  1. Price is $489.00 now

  2. You can buys this at vertexauto com

  3. My Touareg just blew out its U-joint bear. I like your product because you don’t have to balance it. However your website recommends that we change out our "flex
    Disk". My question is: if i change out this flex disk; will i need to have the shaft balanced? Thank you

  4. it goes for 390 now.

  5. Yes it is recommended to change the flex disc as well

  6. where can i buy it

  7. How can i do this my self?

  8. I installed this part and now I have a vibration just about 30MPH and there after it goes away until 80MPH could you tell me is there a fix for that?

  9. Vertex recommends that you also change the front Flex Disk as this part can become dry and hardened over time and can cause some vibration on it’s own. However, this is a separate issue from the failure of the rubber bearing support. You do not need to change the Flex Disc in order to permanently fix your drive shaft using the Clamping Drive Shaft Support.

  10. $550 for a bracket? pretty expensive. I would by it for a better pricing though.

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