Porsche Cayenne GTS 2016 In Depth Review Interior Exterior

Hello and welcome to Alaatin61! YouTube’s collection of automotive variety! In today’s video, we’ll take an up close and in depth look at the new 2016 Porsche Cayenne GTS. This version has 441 HP.

Price as shown here: € 117.143

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In my videos I show you what the vehicle is all about. I give information about the performance data, the features and the trims that are available. I exlpain how to use the interior and exterior features. Also I do a walkaround to show the unique differences about the vehicle. With my presentation you will get a better idea of the vehicle without getting to a dealership!

FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE CHANNEL: In my channel you will find detailed videos of automobiles from all over the world. I have filmed all types of vehicles. I wanted to share my love for cars with everyone!

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  1. I ordered the red color GTS with around 50% of the options in the book. Cost me almost a Turbo S.

  2. what car do you have +Alaatin61 ?

  3. That not Porsche this war plane 😴🔥

  4. Do you know the color of the interior?

  5. please show bmw x5 2015 🙂

  6. Please include ambient lighting this would be great to see, and advise if cupholders are back lit

  7. They did a really good job with this face lift.

  8. this car is way better than the shitty merc gay class LOL

  9. thank you alaatin61!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally you wrote THE PRICE!!! :DDDDDDDDD

  10. Cardilac

  11. Good video !

  12. Great review I brought this one for about 459,999 DHS in UAE GREAT ENGINE AMAZING POWER for a 3.6 litre you will get this much power in a 4.4 litre bow x5 which is not such a good car

  13. My favorite(and dream) car!

  14. girls just wanna have fun fits on this car. 80 percent are female drivers

  15. Is the engine mounted behind the front axle or in front of it? Thank you! Btw nice detailed review!

  16. learn to pronounce the name of the car correctly before you try to sell one

  17. Great review thanks !

    Can you do a review of the 911 gts or 4 gts cabriolet or coupe ?

  18. 4:40 458 italia spotted

  19. nice vid – like to hear the exhaust

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