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  1. I am going to purchase this sport exhaust kit tomorrow!!!

  2. @Corveette you could get an X5 w/ a standard tranny a few years back

  3. ML63 AMG is the best !!!!!

  4. مشكووووووووور على الروائع

  5. sounds better then the amg

  6. God Bless "sport mode" in Porsche.

  7. Sport mode opens up a baffle within the exhaust system I believe. At least that’s what happened in the 997 C2S that I drove

  8. incredible

  9. sports mode definatly sounds alot better

  10. nice! i have a video of this car on my channel

  11. This video just made me decide to buy a used one of these.

  12. Do the Sport button really make a difference in sound ???

  13. @OTTOLOKS Turbo. It goes this way:

    Porsche Cayenne
    Porsche Cayenne S
    Porsche Cayenne GTS
    Porsche Cayenne TURBO
    Porsche Cayenne TURBO S

  14. true, they are limited in the P and N stand, my brother the Escalade have that to at 3000rpm, that sucks but it is good for the engine =)

  15. @DhabyaniVIP The Turbo has the same engine as the GTS but plus the turbocharger. Also, the suspension on the GTS is purely street tuned, while the Turbo is a more all around SUV.

  16. I have a Cayenne GTS and I love the way it handles. I usually have it in sports mode all the time. It sounds better but wastes more gas. The pop out rear view camera is also bad ass

  17. in the mirror of the cayenne bumper you can see another bad ass car 😀 Richass

  18. psh that’s so 2008

  19. AMG Iis the best

  20. Porsche Cayenne Turbo S is No 1!!!!!!!!!!

  21. @PATRIENIX do you want a big, powerful Hemi to squirt you along in a str8 (did I spell that wrong?) line or do you want a luxurious SUV that is fairly quick? Thats the real question. If your all about acceleration on paper the Jeep is the way to go, but if you a middle aged guy who doesn’t know a 4.8 liter from a 6.4 liter from a tubro-4…? then you have the money. You buy the ‘yenne. I already know you would choose the Jeep and I would too, who wants $3k in repairs every 20k miles anyway?

  22. sounds brilliant but i almost cried when he revved it right after cranking it (no oil being pumped when the engine is started) and I hope the engine was already warm….

  23. ive got this car

  24. if i would have the GTS i would always drive with sports mode on because it sounds so much better.

  25. Its limited to 4000 rpm at idle speed in any gear. Its like that because the manufacturer doesnt want their cars being clutch dropped (or neutral dropped) at high rpm. They dont want their cars comming back with either worn out clutches or ruined transmissions and having to lose money because its covered under warranty.

  26. gts has the same engine as the S but with 20hp more. the Turbo is faster but it is said that the Gts has better handling and feels more like a propper sport car and less of a suv

  27. @Corveette The X6M is pretty fuckin amazing.

  28. wats the difference with the cayenne gts
    and the cayenne turbo which ones faster

  29. id have that beast in sport mode all the time. sexiest SUV out there.

  30. WOW. Stock sounds awesome but sport mode sound is unbelievable.


  32. What’s the difference between the GTS and the Turbo S?

  33. 😀 I love my Porsche

  34. nice sound… but the narration was completely unnecessary and ruined the video

  35. fucking good!!!! i love Porsche 😀

  36. i have a red GTS 09. sometime i drive pass my house by miles just because i dont want the sporty engine noise to stop.
    its a brilliant car.

  37. El de atras parece un S63 O S65 talvez

  38. the turbo is faster

  39. I WANT a Cayenne GTS in Nordic Gold.

  40. incredible

  41. yes it does

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