Porsche Cayenne GTS “Monaco” – Part 1

The new Cayenne GTS is an uncompromising vehicle, built for the road. Experience some impressions of the Cayenne GTS in the wonderful surrounding of Monaco. See the whole movie in the Porsche Web Cinema on

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  1. the cayenne! the q7 is too big IMO

  2. hi mom im alive

  3. @HragY51 don’t worry, they will. when they make a Turbo S.

  4. We just did this exact route with our Cayenne from Barcelona to Monaco and it is awesome… too bad for the toll booths where you have to stop frequently

  5. I need part 2

  6. Im sad that they aren’t making a Cayenne GTS for the new designed line of Cayennes 🙁

  7. i don’t understand where the GTS fits in with its other Cayenne siblings, someone explain? perhaps using the 911 family as an analogy?

  8. @sirtristan01 Yea hopefully 🙂 but this GTS is still my favorite Cayenne.

  9. no auto light?

  10. lots of information

  11. wow! it’s so cool! i love it!

  12. Interesting to see no mention of its off-road capabilities. Nice ride, but I prefer the looks of the RR sport.

  13. its officially the worlds Ugliest SUV….dont blame me…its the truth lol

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