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  1. This exhaust mod seems to give it a very odd sound. I’ve driven this new model and this sound was not there with the porsche sport exhaust.

  2. GTS,спорт выхлоп,это просто секс!!!

  3. not even close to the v8 GTS lol

  4. Is this off and on? Did you push that sport exhaust button?

  5. I have to be really honest, I loved the GTS when it had a V8 and got the nice growl with and without the sport exhaust on. The 2015 GTS doesn’t sound great, i can understand the reason why Porsche downgraded on the GTS. 

    Good thing the Turbo and Turbo s didn’t down grade.

  6. old its gold

  7. V6 without a doubt. The GTS was a V8 only. Wrong description above

  8. sounds horrible

  9. Great for v6

  10. ugh… tin can exhaust

  11. only sport

  12. Thank you for this video!

  13. Wow 😍

  14. My father has one and the sound is nothing like a 911 GTS

  15. does the Cayenne S version (420ps) petrol sound better than this one ? it seems louder to me i think

  16. I think towards the end he puts it on and off to show the difference

  17. I hate this car sounds awful

  18. new cayenne gts its v6 twin turbo?

  19. V8 sounded much better

  20. What exhaust system is this?

  21. ooooohhhhhh… this is the V6! Sounds crap! Bring back the V8 – No comparison

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