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  1. The dealer loaded the new software couple of times and it did not fix the problem. Then they replaced the entire Navigation unit, it improved the situation a lot but did not fix it 100%. After I purchased the new iPhone 5, it seems to work flawlessly. I believe the problem is caused by the Blue Tooth Software in Porsche Navigation system that is not totally compatible with first generation iPhone.
    Try using it with a new iPhone or a different phone that uses newer version of the Blue Tooth.

  2. 10x
    the problem is i don’t have any phone paired with pcm device. at me restart itself without phone…

  3. I have the same problem.have you solved this ?

  4. Had the same problem in my 2013 Panamera.. They had to replace the entire head unit

  5. I have had this same problem! It is very annoying. This is definitely my last Porsche purchase.

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