Porsche Cayenne Sloshing Plugged Drain Tube

How to find and easily clear the drainage plugs on a Porsche Cayenne. If you hear sloshing in your car, don’t wait for the water to creep into your vehicle, creating a mold issue that might never go away. Grab a Philips head screwdriver and gently poke the rubber drainage plug to clear the blockage. You might be surprised at how much water will come out!!

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  1. What year is your Porsche?

  2. Thank you! Saved my evening and my money 🙂

  3. Fantastic! Have had water in either footwell?

  4. thaaank yoou!!!

  5. Okay, thanks! No water came out, so I backed my car up on the driveway so the front end would be facing downhill a little and that did it! I hope this is the only problem. Great video!

  6. Thank you!!! Porsche dealership probably would have charged me a ton for this… I did it myself!! So awesome!!

  7. That was very helpful – thanks!!

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