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  1. Wow. A Green 911 0:15

  2. Did I hear someone singing during the review ? LOL

  3. Nice video bro keep it up greetings from the Netherlands and happy new year

  4. I love Porshe Cayene very well

  5. I love watching your videos! Keep going bro!

  6. Where is sport chrono package? Not standard in turbo?

  7. How mach?

  8. Abi süper ya allah hepimize nasip etsin

  9. When I get a chance I will make a video.

  10. I love watching your videos. You always get the hottest cars

  11. The thing I hate about porsche, is that even when you buy this turbo, it comes with basic alloys and you have to pay at least £12000 of extras to get the car you want. I HATE PORSCHE FOR DOING THIS!! if you don’t believe then go on their website and check for yourself.

  12. Why doesn’t that Porsche have an analog clock over a display?

  13. Can you also please do the Porsche Macan s. Thanks

  14. How do you know the difference between the S and the Turbo? in the previous models you can know the difference from the front air vents, now they all have the same air vents

  15. 2:11 is not camera,it is radar for Active cruise with PAS

  16. this is a good review thanks

  17. Show rear seat legroom.

  18. Pls make a video on Range Rover autobiography 2015

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