Porsche Cayenne Turbo Acceleration, Walk Around, Panoramic Roof, etc. AWESOME CAR!

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My 2009 Porsche Cayenne Turbo…walk around and acceleration. This car has ever option possible from the factory including the panoramic roof, carrera gt exhaust tips, suede seats, nav, ipod, tiptronic, aluminum trim, etc, etc.


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  1. What do you even do for a career?

  2. Put up more videos of ur SUVs! I wanna see ur new str8!!

  3. still cant afford it

  4. @shonor6 my dad and I test drove the new cayenne turbo, WOW what a machine!

  5. h t t p : / / r a z z i . m e / a b o u t

  6. you bought it used though

  7. This is a really old version

  8. @ShevPWI
    this is one of the most beautiful interiors I’ve seen..

  9. He has 2 lambos and 2 GTR R35

  10. Well yes i kinda agree with you i guess real state could be as an investment for the future meanwhile cars depreciate over the years, but i was just making the point that there are people who can spend a lot of money just like that

  11. Trust fund

  12. The old Cayenne is pretty ugly. The new however – marvelous.

  13. this video is from 2011…

  14. I myself drive a Cayenne but It’s a 2009 GTS. I LOVE IT… THE PROFORMACE IS BY FAR BETTER THAN MY PREVIOUS CARS (1st a 2004 Mustang GTS, Then a 2008 BMW 535 XI) I genuinely think all my cars in the future are going to be Porsche’s… Next i’m looking at 2010-2012 Panamera. Has to be in Carmine Red though. Thats the color of my Cayenne. Great vid by the way!

  15. in my opinion this is the best cayenne ever made

  16. i feel like all that power and weight would flex the chassis enough to break that roof under a hard launch.

  17. which brand of panoramic roof fit for VW CC rline?

  18. The massive sunroof makes the car like a conservatory, i like

  19. ahh, i love the panoramic roof i have one myself in my car

  20. @ 0:40, watch out for birds!

  21. i believe he owns a computer software company, if you haven’t figured that out by now. since your post was a year ago lol

  22. @05front ok thatnk you and also good luck =) nd 1 more thing my uncle does air conditioning and that stuff and hes been working since he was 18 he is now 40sumthing and has always made allot of money and hassnt been unemployed a day in his life. so looks like you choose the right kind of job

  23. Thats a badass truck

  24. Robert, you should definitely check out the BMW X5/6 M. They are amazing SUV’s and it feels like you’re driving the ///M3. 🙂

  25. Short and complete. Very nice video! =)

  26. @ThePppi3 yea im just about to finish college and im in Air conditioning. so maybe i am a "step" a head and know what your talking about. Yes keep all options opened. be smart in what you go in. and good luck.

  27. i own a SL550 and Cayenne turbo (parents bought me it, im only 18) I thought im pretty set. But you own multiple super cars. wow man.

  28. and i t8 we had something… we have a porsche 997 brown leather and black outside sport exhaust and then look at this guy -.- respect xd

  29. For me , this is my dream car.

  30. Now lets see you change the oil, brakes and tranny flush. Never gonna happen. you are a douche


  32. jealous of the truck its nicely optioned and very good looking!
    by the way are you comming back up to Pittsburgh this summer because i would love to see your and cody’s gallardo together like all the videos ive seen haha
    keep me posted and keep making awesome videos

  33. Hell of a car, My dad is looking at buying one.

  34. YEA LOL

  35. come see my channel.There is a video of an acceleration of a Porsche GT2 RS

  36. @Mirel9408ovidiu for me my dream car is the Hummer at 1:07 ahahah 😉

  37. @PazzoScatena Meglio l’Hummer che gli passa davanti a 1:07 …quella si che è un SUV eccezionale 😉

  38. hi rob so what happened to this car and y dont u tell us more about it and if u r going to do any upgrades on it.

  39. @avalanch08 he owns websites like razzi.me

  40. I raced one of these a few days ago and all i could see in my mirror was the guy saying "GD thats a fast truck",lol. the sun roof kicks ass tho

  41. Hes has shares in websites and owns many websites 1 of which being razzi.me

  42. there are people out there who can actually do that, a friend of mine got a 300,000 condo for her 18 birthday i think that’s pretty stiff…

  43. you?

  44. Does he still have this car?

  45. a girl got one f these at my school.. brand new. she’s 17. -.-

  46. thats one biiig ass sunroof

  47. Really? Because to me it looks like it’s just one model behind the 2013.

  48. Nice car, but… mustard poo brown interior? Ew..

  49. Dang, Robert. Nice ride. Crazy that your dad is selling the exact same one on his lot…

  50. that panoramic roof is the best i’ve ever seen

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